Impregnating the car - useful or a waste of money?

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NASIOL ZR53 Ceramic Coating Test Experiences 8 Car impregnation useful or a waste of money?

In our post "Interior cleaning: This is necessary for a well-maintained car“We have dealt with the most important points for caring for the interior. Also on the subject Impregnation of the leather we entered into it. But long-term protection is not only useful for leather seats. That is why we take up the topic If required, priming or impregnation. now open again. Once the car seats are really dirty and full of stubborn stains, cleaning is no longer that easy. Impregnation protects the seats from dirt and makes cleaning easier. Tip: Cheap home remedies are often sufficient for the average cleaning of car seats. There is more about this in our article "Dirt & stains on the car seat? These home remedies will help!".

When is impregnation used?

The impregnation of car seats is currently enjoying great popularity and is especially important Commercial vehicles or vehicles with changing drivers for use. The impregnation helps to keep the seats clean and attractive extends the shelf life. It can also cause damage from moisture verhindert or at least reduced become. And of course, the impregnation of the seats is also possible and useful in a private vehicle. Impregnated vehicle seats are easier to clean and do not absorb dirt and moisture so quickly. Incidentally, the creation of unpleasant smells verhindert.

NASIOL ZR53 Ceramic Coating Test Experiences 9 Car impregnation useful or a waste of money?

Impregnation - versatile protection

With an impregnation, surfaces can be protected from dirt and moisture. The impregnation also protects against the sun, which can damage the paint. So that the material is well protected for a long time, an impregnation is often already applied at the factory. Impregnation offers these advantages:

  • UV protection
  • Protection against pollution
  • Protection against moisture
  • Static discharge protection
  • simplified cleaning
  • Even heavily used materials are protected

Impregnating agent for car seats Impregnating for seats e1618984077325 Impregnating a car makes sense or is it a waste of money?

What types of impregnation are there?

The nano sealing: With nano sealing, a three-dimensional crystal lattice is formed on the surface of the paint. Drops of water roll off and at the same time pull off the dirt particles. A nano-sealing is therefore very effective. Other advantages are the Protection against small scratches and UV radiation, which makes the paint more durable. In terms of price, the nano-sealing could be a little more expensive compared to a ceramic-based ceramic cone. Tip: We have already tried a nano-sealing.

Ceramic sealing car Car waterproofing useful or a waste of money?

The ceramic sealing: The ceramic seal bonds with the paint using molecules, which means that paint and ceramic are firmly bonded together. With ceramic sealing, the entire lacquer is covered with a coating, even very fine lacquer unevenness filled up. The ceramic seal is a permanent, solid network system, what not with a nano seal or a polish can be compared. Thanks to the very hard yet elastic Coating becomes the varnish after sealing with ceramic shinier and he is too besser protected. The protection is permanent and, unlike the nano-coating, is not only used for optical preparation. A ceramic coating changes the color of the paint should not, it is always highly transparent. Thanks to the increased UV protection, the paint is optimally protected from discoloration.

Applying car wax instructions Impregnating a car makes sense or is it a waste of money?

The wax seal: Also with Wax can be the paintwork of a vehicle sealed and the car from dirt protected become. The seal, also known as “wax”, is known for keeping the vehicle clean and letting it shine for longer. The selection of different wax products is very large, which does not make it easy for the customer to choose a product. The so-called Speed ​​wax is currently very popular because it offers long-term protection, has a good gloss and is easy to process. The application of a Wax sealing it's very easy. Once the wax has been prepared, it can be applied to the paint with a pad. The application takes place always in small sub-areas, the wax is applied to the pad and with a Cross stroke distributed on the paint.

First in horizontal and then in vertical movements. Depending on the product, the necessary ventilation then only takes a few minutes. But sometimes you can a few hours pass away. Once the wax has been applied, you can enjoy a clean and shiny vehicle for a long time. Compared to the nano sealing, the wax sealing offers a little less protection against environmental influences, but it does better ones Gloss level. Tip: This must be taken into account when applying car wax.

Paint sealing - do it yourself or let a professional do it?

In order to achieve a perfect result, the paint seal should be a Professional be left. Specialized workshops have the best tools and products and have a lot of experience with sealing and If required, priming or impregnation. of vehicles. The Clean and Work up of paints is a complex process. Already the thorough cleaning takes place in several steps. The paint is then applied in several steps polished up. Based on their experience, experts achieve the best results. After polishing, the surface is done again cleaned and degreased.

Only then can the seal be applied. A professional has to pay for the preparation and sealing with a cost of around 400 to 600 Euro be expected. But the result also holds for that up to two years, On Imprägnierspray is an inexpensive alternative, but it is a must correct and regular can be applied. The selection of different products and possible materials has meanwhile become very large. Even if you cannot protect your paintwork from environmental influences with it, you can use the Imprägnierspray at least yours car seats protected from dirt and contamination.

Conclusion on the subject of impregnating the car!

Car care has become complicated and can take a long time. A permanent seal or just wash and wax? You quickly lose track of which method is the best and most sensible for which user. If the car is supposed to shine and shine like in an advertising brochure, you are losing a professional one If required, priming or impregnation. not around. Shine and color brilliance come and above all stay that way should not on its own. The best results are obtained when the vehicle thoroughly cleaned, subsequently polished and then sealed becomes. Then he kicks too "Easy-to-clean" effect because dirt and grime hardly adhere to the seal and cleaning the vehicle is much easier and faster. The protection of the car seats should not be forgotten either, because with the right impregnation spray the vehicle stays clean longer, even inside.

2021 Trumpchi M8 Master four-seater 4 car waterproofing useful or a waste of money?

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