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An introduction to the world of in-car entertainment

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Entertainment Auto An introduction to the world of entertainment in the car

The good old car radio has long been a thing of the past. Of course, 1LIVE, WDR 2 and Antenne Bayern are used every now and then for the traffic jam and to listen to the latest trends. But after a 2-hour drive at the latest, during which you were informed four times about the same world events and felt that advertisements rained down on you 200 times, even the greatest radio lovers are gradually getting annoyed.

Anyone who spends a lot of time in the car and wants to sweeten it with good music looks around for alternatives to the car radio - and that is lacking. We will show you how the world of entertainment in the car has changed and which systems are currently available to you for playing music.

New technology brings change

It is thanks to technology that we no longer have to rely solely on cassettes, CDs and radios in our cars. We're talking about streaming. A range of music is made available to us on platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify or Deezer. We can create folders with our favorite songs or choose an appropriate style of music depending on the mood. Streaming is already widespread and is still a long way from reaching its peak. In addition to music and films, the streaming of video games is also being expanded.

Gamers are longing for this new trend, because once so-called cloud gaming has matured, an expensive game console or a high-end computer is no longer necessary to get the full potential out of MMORPGs and first-person shooters. Games that require less processing power can now be streamed. For example, poker fans can GGPoker Open it conveniently from anywhere in the browser with your smartphone and start playing right away.

Regardless of whether it's music, film or games: One requirement must be present and that is mobile internet. The faster the better. A nationwide 5G network will enable even better entertainment in the car than before. Finally, songs do not have to be compressed as much as more bandwidth is available. The result is an even better sound quality when streaming.

Old car model - what to do?

But what do you do when the car is so old that it doesn't even have a connection for your smartphone? After all, the sound systems for the small devices are anything but ideal for listening to music while driving. Simple remedies for such cases a cassette adapter. There is a plug on a modified cassette to which you can connect your mobile device. Then simply slide it into the car's cassette recorder and you can make use of your selection on your smartphone and streaming services.

Cassette Adapter Music Converter MP3 Radio An introduction to the world of in-car entertainment

Car entertainment systems

It is not surprising that Android and Apple are also competing in the field of car entertainment. We take a look at the entertainment systems of the two competitors:

Android Auto and CarPlay

Apple's entertainment system CarPlay and Google's counterpart Android Auto are structured in the same way. Both make it possible to bring all functions and content from smartphones or iPhones into the car so that they can be used there in a safe manner.

Infotainment Android Appel An introduction to the world of in-car entertainment

The connection is made via the display in the car. So that both hands can stay on the steering wheel, operation is exclusively via voice recognition: playing your favorite Spotify song, reading a WhatsApp message or dictating an email is possible without any problems.

The playback of music, audio books or podcasts is optimally adapted to playing in the car (with all the background noises). The entertainment systems are compatible with all renowned car brands.

At the end... Streaming was the milestone for a perfect entertainment experience in the car. You don't need more than your smartphone and a connection option to have a good alternative to a car radio. Entertainment systems such as those from Android or Apple ensure simple and safe handling as well as optimized quality.

Sound systems Music system Tuning speakers An introduction to the world of entertainment in the car

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