Tip: This is how an insect cleaner is used correctly!

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As a rule, coarse dirt on the vehicle is relatively easy to remove - for example with the help of a prewash or the Two-bucket hand wash. We are already extensive with our contribution "Car wash / hand wash / car wax - this is how it works!“Received. However, it is sometimes extremely dirty Insects, which is especially the case when driving on the motorway, driving at dusk or in general when driving at high speed. Also know this problem in particular Motorcyclistwhen the visor of the helmet or the windshield is completely full of flies and other insects again. Insects on the Paint or on the Windshield are not particularly attractive and can even last for a long time Cause damage to the paintwork. Many try to use the residue Kitchen rolls or other common household items, which we definitely advise against in order to avoid damage.

Insect cleaner can help

Front apron insect insect cleaner Application 1 tip: This is how an insect cleaner is used correctly!

Here can be a good one insect cleaner help clear the residue gentle and without much effort to eliminate. However, the selection of appropriate cleaners is huge and of course every agent promises that Best and Most effective to be, but this is not always the truth. A qualitative one high quality cleaner you can tell by the fact that the consistency is thick and more like a Gel remembered as a real liquid. Such gel-like cleaner have the advantage that they last longer remain on the residues - in contrast to extremely liquid cleaners, which curdle relatively quickly or simply run down. Such a cleaner must on the dirty areas be applied (For example the bonnet, front apron, side mirror or windshield) and then for 3 to 5 minutes act. After this time a Pressure Washer or even one water hose used to both cleanser, as well as Insect remains completely removed from the relevant places - your car looks clean and well-maintained again.

What to Avoid

Front apron insect insect cleaner Application 3 tip: This is how an insect cleaner is used correctly!

What about removing Insect remains should be avoided, we tell you now. One Scratch away or soaking the leftovers using Newsprint or something similar should, as already said, avoided will. Sure, this may still be justifiable to a certain extent with the visor of a motorcycle helmet, but not with the paint, as it will be more or less severely damaged in the long run! So it can be, for example Paint chipping or Rust spots come, which can easily be avoided by using a cleaner. This automatically protects the bank account from expensive damage.

How to do it correctly and gently?

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With help of a special cleaner or Gels stubborn residues can be removed effectively and, above all, gently. The cleaners ensure that the leftovers soaked and thus in the end solve easily. As already mentioned, the use of a special gel is particularly recommended, as this does not coagulate as quickly (especially on the steep passages of the front) and stays longer on the remains. Now you spray before Your car To wash the cleaner to remove the insects on the appropriate areas of the vehicle. After that, the remedy must be used for a short time act - the the exact duration can be found on the detergent bottle and can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Usually 2-3 minutes should be enough. After this exposure cleaning agents and insect residues are removed using a Pressure washer. However, you should ensure that you do not spray the paint from a distance that is too short, otherwise it will Damage can get through the remains of insects.

If necessary, repeat the process again!

If after this process not all residues of the insects have been removed, you can use the procedure just described simply repeat. However, due to the protein it contains, it may also be that some residues can hardly be removed, which is a Knead of the relevant bodies. In this case you can get special cleaning clay buy which is especially suitable for the paint of cars. Such putty comes along with one lubricant used. First, spray the lubricant on the spots where you will be later Knead want. Then heat the putty in your hand and shape it into a disc, which you can then run over the sprayed areas (in zigzag movements). While doing this, be careful not to push too hard and make sure that too sufficient lubricant is available. In addition, you have to reconnect or knead the putty at regular intervals dirty residue to remove the otherwise unsightly scratch in the paint.

Then: use paint sealer or car wax!

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Air Design Bodykit Vossen HF6 3 Tuning 12 Tip: This is how an insect cleaner is used correctly!

It doesn't matter if you only cleanser, just dough or have used both. You should should follow a Lacquer sealing or a car wax use if necessary. Whether this is the case can be determined using the Beading Sheeting Test to be checked. Here you spray the paint with a spray bottle or similar water and check whether it is suitable for Formation of droplets comes, which later drain easily (Beading). At the sheeting it is so that the water should drain away without leaving any residue or puddles. If neither is the case, consider using one to protect the paint sealing or a Wax Instruct. Incidentally, this also ensures easier friction and minimizes possible damage caused by insects. PS: Can you actually use the car wash in winter? Our contribution "Car wash in winter: Here are a few tips!“Has the answer.

Of course that had not happened yet!

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