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Scope, information and costs incurred for inspection and service!

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Scope, information & costs incurred for inspection and service!

Everything you need to know about car inspections! Regular inspection intervals are made by every vehicle manufacturer the vorgeschrieb. You should maintain the safety of the vehicle and the warranty claims. The workshops proceed according to a prescribed inspection plan. If the car is quite new, drivers are notified of the upcoming inspection in the instrument cluster. In the case of older vehicles, however, the vehicle owner often has to arrange an inspection appointment himself. The inspection plan, also known as the service plan or checkbook, is included in the on-board folder of your car. But what exactly is checked during the inspection? Do I have to go to an authorized workshop? What are the costs for a review? We clarify all of these questions in this article.

What does an inspection cost?

The costs for an inspection are based on the Vehicle types and the work involved. They vary according to the age and mileage of the car. After driving 30.000 kilometers, different work steps are necessary than after 75.000 kilometers. That is why it is advisable to yourself before each inspection obtain an individual cost estimate from various workshops. Based on the work prescribed by the manufacturers, you can then easily compare the costs.

Scope, information & costs incurred for inspection and service!

Usually they lie between 200 and 1.000 Euro. In addition, unforeseeable costs for the elimination of defects / defects (worn tires, used wiper blades etc.) come. However, you can agree with the workshop that you can provide information on any additional work required advance be informed by phone. You can also set a certain amount that must not be exceeded should additional work arise. This means that there are no nasty surprises.

How does the inspection work?

The inspection is a holistic check of the condition of your car. Until a few years ago, between small and large inspection differentiated. Although the work to be carried out still varies today, the two terms are largely dispensed with. The manufacturer decides which work has to be carried out at which mileage and is also based on the age of the vehicle. It also matters whether the maintenance is up to the time of the current inspection was carried out regularly or whether checks need to be made up for.

The following maintenance work is carried out with every inspection:

In addition, the following work may be necessary:

Scope, information & costs incurred for inspection and service!

Do I have to go to the authorized workshop?

No. You can also use the workshop with a new car choose freely. You just have to be careful about the inspection according to manufacturer specifications is carried out. If this is the case, your warranty and guarantee claims also expire not.

The regular inspection is not only for safety!

The most important reason why you should adhere to your inspection intervals in addition to the general inspection is of course this Warranty the road safety of your vehicle. In addition, the regular check according to the manufacturer's specifications, especially for new vehicles, has an impact on any Warranty or guarantee claims. If the manufacturer's instructions are not complied with, these may expire if damage occurs that could have been prevented by regular inspection. Through the regular Change of wear parts and the replacement of operating materials also increases the service life of your car. In addition, good care, which also includes maintenance, increases the Resale value. Regardless of whether you want to sell it later to a private buyer or to a car dealer - every potential buyer asks for the service book first and checks whether all maintenance has been carried out correctly and has been documented. Regardless of whether in writing or online!

Scope, information & costs incurred for inspection and service!

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Scope, information & costs incurred for inspection and service!

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Scope, information & costs incurred for inspection and service!

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Scope, information & costs incurred for inspection and service!

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