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Installation of speakers also possible without a specialist!

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Installing loudspeakers Instructions for tutorial sound system e1613502258699 Installation of loudspeakers is also possible without a specialist!

The installation of a Speaker is, depending on the vehicle, a sometimes very complex matter. The reason for this is the large number of different Car models and door covers, which can usually only be dismantled in different ways. Here every manufacturer does what he wants, so to speak, with a uniform approach stands in the way. The inner workings of the vehicles are simply different from one another. Many a manufacturer attaches a complete door panel two screws and a few clips, others use significantly more screws behind various cover caps. You can find the right instructions for removing and dismantling the door cover of your type of car relatively easily online with the correct search terms Find. In addition, we have summarized important tips and tricks for speaker installation in this article.

What tools are needed?

You need quite a bit of tools to install a speaker. Including one screwdriver, a Boring machine, a pliers, Knives or Sawin case a hole needs to be cut out. In addition, there is often a Hot glue gun and an Soldering iron required if accidentally during installation Solder joints tear off.

What material is required for installation?

Of course you need the first to install the loudspeakers Loudspeakers yourself, then one Carton for the old speakers, a suitable one Spacer ring and Patterns for the hot glue gun.

Installing loudspeakers Instructions for tutorial sound system 3 e1613502327213 Installation of loudspeakers is also possible without a specialist!

Removing and installing speakers!

Before actually installing the speakers, you should consider adding an additional insulation to be installed in the car doors, because through these the sound in the interior clearly improved and you save yourself the dismantling the cover. On Brummen or an annoying one Roar can be prevented with it. A good way to insulate car door is with mats or tapes Alubutyl. This is a high quality material that is ideal for insulation. However also work Bitumen mats. And finally there is also the possibility of using so-called Insulating paste.

Speakers only make up 60% of the sound!

When installing, you should pay attention to a few important points so as not to directly damage the new speakers to damage and unusable close. If you accidentally scratch the membrane or the beading of the new loudspeaker during installation, they are ruined. Even if you have the Door cover weight lose, you should pay close attention to the soldering points as they connect the car's radio cables to the voice coil. Should this contact be destroyed, the membrane can be used no music be reproduced. If the contacts on the new speaker were damaged, that would be extremely bad, but you could still use a Soldering iron restore. If you follow the tips, not much can happen when installing the new speakers.

If you are the Cover removed the speakers can be installed in just a few steps. First you should get the old speakers from the bracket if these have been riveted, you unfortunately have to do so drill out the rivets. In addition, the tweeters and woofers have to be removed, unless the new speakers fit exactly into the opening. Then the Spacer ring mounted or the opening to be further expanded. Then the new speakers are attached to the existing ones Cable connected and then with a glue gun in the recess fixed. In the end everything will be bolted and the Cover reassembled.

Sound systems Music system Tuning speakers 4 Installation of speakers also possible without a specialist!

Of course that had not happened yet!

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