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Tuning and optimization options using a suction pipe

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Pressure pipe kit suction pipe pressure pipe tuning and optimization options using a suction pipe

Is the suction hose too weak or does it deform under load? Doesn't the engine accelerate as it should? Does the intake hose not match the high engine output? Then a pressure pipe or suction pipe tuning can help. Special pressure pipe kits are available in stores so that the engine's performance does not drop at once and full acceleration can be used.

Intake pipe tuning - the intake hose

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Intake hose is a slang term for the intake tract and is used, for example, for internal combustion engines. The intake tract consists of an intake manifold, one air filter and a suction opening together. The wing has essentially all components of the internal combustion engine that carry combustion air and are installed in front of the combustion chamber. If you have a powerful engine in the car, you naturally want to be able to get full power from the engine at full throttle. A kickdown, i.e. a powerful and quick depression of the LPG pedal, must allow full acceleration without a drop in performance. However, if there is a drop in performance despite the powerful engine, a new intake manifold may be necessary for the intake system. Special pressure pipe kits are available commercially for the purpose of intake manifold tuning. The following explains what should be considered when buying such a kit.

What materials are the kits made of frequently?

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The intake manifold kits are often made of aluminum and silicone and are available in different colors. The intake manifold tuning should improve the response of the turbocharger. For this, high strength and an ideal fit of the intake manifold are absolutely necessary. For this purpose, the intake manifold should be reinforced and multi-layered. It should also be able to withstand high temperatures and extreme boost pressures. A high level of stability is also required. It is also important that the material of the intake manifold is not attacked by fuels and oils. Resistance to the substances mentioned should be in the respective product description of the intake manifold tuning kit. For the tuning to be successful, the intake manifold must not contract extremely like a weak intake hose. It has to keep the original shape!

What is an intake manifold kit usually made of?

Such a kit is usually supplied with the intake pipe and clamps for attachment. The suction pipe is available in different curvature states. Depending on requirements, the customer can receive the pipe without a bend or with bends of 45 degrees, 90 degrees, 135 degrees or 180 degrees. Individual productions are of course also feasible and in some cases also unavoidable for extensive modifications to the engine. The kit is intended to replace the original boost pressure piping and is necessary if a strong one performance Tuning was carried out on the car. Without additional intake manifold tuning, high boost pressure can even cause the original pipe to burst, which can result in engine damage if the individual parts get into the engine.

What are the advantages of a manifold tuning?

The modified intake manifold is more pressure-resistant than the original and often also offers a high-quality look. The engine is relieved, the appearance is improved and the air flow is increased. The flow-optimized pipes mostly have a larger diameter than the original versions.

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Engine cover carbon cover engine cover tuning and optimization options using the intake manifold

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The airbag switch deactivates the passenger airbag in the car

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Bushukan Mansory Rolls Royce Drake Diamant Eule 2 310x165 tuning and optimization possibilities by means of intake manifold

After the child seat - the booster seat for the vehicle!

Sitzerh% C3% B6hung next seat seat pad 310x165 tuning and optimization possibilities by means of intake manifold

Nice detail - the engine compartment lighting in the car!

Engine compartment lighting engine light nachr% C3% BCsten 310x165 Tuning and optimization possibilities with intake manifold

For retrofitting: the blind spot assistant in the car!

Blind spot assistant retrofit side assist 3x310 tuning and optimization possibilities by means of intake manifold

Also for retrofitting - the convenient flashing function!

Flashing comfort blinking nachr% C3% BCsten e1577868363372 310x165 Tuning and optimization possibilities by means of a suction pipe

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