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The IoCamper - this mobile home fits in a van

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IoCamper Mobile Home Transporter Tuning 1 The IoCamper this mobile home fits into a van

Holidays can really be a problem nowadays, especially if you have a tight budget for the holidays. And most of the time you will not be able to enjoy the same freedom as at home. But what if you could just bring your home with you on your vacation? Refined, right?

IoCamper Mobile Home Transporter Tuning 3 The IoCamper this mobile home fits into a van

That's the comfort the IoCamper offers. Well, somehow already.

The IoCamper is an idea of ​​Tamas Laczko from Békéscsaba, Hungary. It is a foldable mobile home with a flat roof that could fit in any van or MPV. Basically, the IoCamper fits in one Volkswagen Crafter or Mercedes Sprinterwithout the vehicle having to be configured as a costly motorhome. The default size is 2,5 x 1,3 x 1,7 meters. For the future, the manufacturer plans further models in which the size can be adjusted to the specifications of the vehicle.

the smartphone controls the construction

The operation and assembly of the IoCamper is very easy - simply fold it up and install it in the transporter and you're good to go. For assembly, you can remote control the IoCamper using a smartphone, tablet or laptop. The IoCamper unfolds within five to ten minutes, depending on the requirements. Of course, this can also be done by hand, but the smartphone solution is impressive - also for the other guests on the campsite.

IoCamper Mobile Home Transporter Tuning 9 The IoCamper this mobile home fits into a van

impressive also the equipment in the mobile home

What is particularly cool about the IoCamper in addition to the large amount of space is the extensive equipment that it offers. In addition to the air conditioning, a working kitchen and an 23 inch infotainment system, the IoCamper has four large beds. The power supply can be done by solar panels, with a connection to the power supply and the water in the place is possible. Even better, if you're not on a camping trip, you can use the IoCamper as a stand-alone apartment in your back yard or as a mobile guesthouse whenever you need it. If you like the idea and its implementation, you can join the Indiegogo campaign. The manufacturer still needs some support before going into series production. Although the model is from Hungary, it is expected to be available in several European countries and some cities in the United States.

A small problem remains open

The IoCamper is well thought out and pretty handy, but it has a problem. If you use the van to transport the IoCamper, where is the space for the other passengers? If more than two or three people travel with the IoCamper, another car is required. If we have more information about the IoCamperer in a timely manner, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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