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Retrofitting Isofix - the best hold for the child seat!

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Retrofit Isofix child seat 3 e1577732329579 Retrofit Isofix the best hold for the child seat!

If you have a vehicle that is not yet equipped with the Isofix system, you have the option of retrofitting this system. This possibility exists at least for a large number of vehicles from different manufacturers. For this, the required Isofix bracket, which is firmly connected to the body of the vehicle, can be easily retrofitted. And that's definitely worth it, as we think. After all, the Isofix system is a very safe way to get one Child seat to be optimally fixed in the vehicle.

Advantages of the Isofix system

Retrofit Isofix child seat e1577732231114 Retrofit Isofix the best hold for the child seat!

The seat attachment system makes driving safer. Because even when there is no child in the seat, the child seat is optimally attached to the vehicle and cannot develop into a dangerous catapult in the vehicle even in a dangerous situation. Special retrofit kits now allow retrofitting of the bracket that connects the child seat to the body of the car. Before installation, however, the vehicle manufacturer should be asked about the procedure. In rare exceptional cases, retrofitting to common vehicle models is completely impossible. A great advantage of the Isofix fastening is that the child seat enters into a closed and firm connection with the vehicle and is never released in the event of an impact. This is a very high safety criterion for the children traveling with you. For many years, child seats with Isofix brackets have been universally approved so that they can be easily installed if they conform, and the retrofit kits can also be used if your own vehicle model does not yet have the required Isofix Bracket is equipped.

This should be considered before installation

Before installing the system, it should be clarified which of the variants, such as a support leg, low teather or top teather, can be installed. The vehicle manufacturers offer exact information on this. Once the information is available, the connecting bracket in the vehicle can be easily retrofitted in a workshop. In the meantime, certain retrofit kits are also available for some common vehicle models that can be installed in-house at a price of barely € 30. This saves costs and can be realized quickly with a little skill. Such sets are available from VW, Audi and Ford, for example. By the way, a child's car seat with top teather cannot be retrofitted. The support leg and the Low Teather variant, however, do.

What is the Isofix system?

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Isofix is ​​a safe and very easy to use fastening system for the car. This enables child seats in automobiles to be locked quickly and securely. The system in the vehicle is actually just a rigid connection with two small hooks on the body of the vehicle. You can find Isofix both in front and in the back seat. Here, however, the manufacturers vary. Isofix is ​​standardized according to the ISO 13216 standard, which has also led to the name. The Isofix systems are divided into "vehicle-specific approval" and "universal approval". The vehicle-specific approval requires that you check whether the seat in question is also approved for the car. The manufacturers of the seats and the vehicle manufacturers regularly publish corresponding lists. Universal approval for ISOFIX child seats has been available since 2004

Conclusion on the Isofix fastening system

The Isofix system has proven to be extremely safe and practical in everyday life. However, not all vehicle brands are equipped with a corresponding bracket that is directly connected to the body. However, retrofit kits are now being offered for this purpose, which offer subsequent installation of the basic system. For some vehicle brands, the systems can also be installed in self-assembly. Before installation, the vehicle manufacturer should be asked which retrofit kit also complies with the respective vehicle model. Then nothing stands in the way of the installation, so that the children can ride safely in the vehicle.

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