We will clarify you! Is JDM Tuning - Nice or Rice?

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Top Secret V12 Toyota Supra Tuning 1

At least since the Fast and Furious movies is the so-called JDM tuning for tuning fans from around the world on everyone's lips. Japanese automobiles, mostly sports cars of the caliber of a Toyota Supra or Nissan Skyline, are visually and technically brought to fruition with eye-catching paint finishes, large rear wings and turbo optimization or a boost boost.

best with J-Spec tuning

Nissan Gt R Skyline V Spec Tuning 3

Special features of a JDM vehicle that already exist in the serial state.

Often the vehicles of the JDM scene are also steered in continental Europe, since there is a known left-hand traffic in Japan, and it is almost impossible to convert to left-hand drive vehicles imported from Japan or England, where the JDM scene is greatest outside Japan. At the local registration office there is no problem with a right-hand drive, it is only a small addition registered in the vehicle registration, which indicates the steering wheel on the other side.

Top Secret V12 Toyota Supra Tuning 12

Stars of the JDM scene (Ricer scene)

The most popular models are undoubtedly the Nissan Skyline R34 and the Toyota Supra (JZA80, 1993-2002). Both cars come from the 1990er years and even then had in their turbo variants officially 280 PS to 330 PS (2JZ-GTE). But there are also other stars of the JDM scene, which are not as well known to us as, for example, the Nissan Silvia S15, or the Mitsubishi FTO; the ones priced in the 90 are both well below their big brothers Nissan Skyline respectively Mitsubishi 3000 GT were positioned. In Japan at that time there was a performance limit for cars, which was at 280 PS, which has now been lifted. As mentioned above, special livery, large rear wings, side skirts and larger turbochargers with more boost pressure are the standard tuning of one of these models.

Toyota Supra Mk2 JDM Tuning
a rather rare Toyota Supra Mk2

In Japan, it is also common that the fall of the wheels is changed to negative, so that the wheels are inclined inwards to 20 degrees. In this so-called Camber-Tuning The wheel suspensions and axles are changed so that the tires are at an angle and look out from the wheel arches at the bottom. In Japan, this is the latest craze, in Germany, however, the change in the fall of the wheels is forbidden to our knowledge, at least in the extreme style of camper vehicles. JDM vehicles also have more and more fans in Germany, above all young men and women who are crazy about tuning and want to move far away from VAG mainstream tuning.

Of course that had not happened yet!

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