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Sourkrauts - high quality motowear from Germany!

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SRKRTS Sourkrauts Do The Kraut Krauts Army Sourkrauts High quality motowear from Germany!

In the tuning scene there are always special proper names that you have already heard, but cannot really assign. Here are an example Canibeat or Dapper mentioned. And also Sourkrauts is such a special term. But what is sourkrauts? Sourkrauts is a German textile label that was specially developed for car lovers. The name of the label sounds a bit strange, but a historical look back provides the necessary clarification. The term “Sauerkraut” once shaped the everyday life of the German population like no other after the end of the Second World War. But to this day, terms such as "Potato head"Or"Krauts“ (derived from sourkraut or sauerkraut) used to describe the inhabitants of our Federal Republic. Any why is this the case? Because some people abroad still believe that Germans only spend the whole day Herb and potatoes eat and preferably still in Lederhosen zu Folk music to dance.

Sourkrauts = love of D engineering

The inventors of the label with the catchy name "Sourkrauts“Tend to be a little self-ironic and have made a swear word for a recognized textile brand. The clothes and accessories produced by the label are all related to well-known people German Car brands. The inventors want to show that there is a lot in Germany that the population can be proud of. Because the two inventors of the brand are avowed fans of German automobiles and enthusiastic themselves VW Beetle driver.

SRKRTS Sourkrauts Do The Kraut Krauts Army 1 Sourkrauts High-quality motowear from Germany!

After the founders invested a lot of work and time in the label, it opened Sourkrauts Online store on 16. November 2009 its gates. Initially with a preference for the Volkswagen brand, the range became well-known only a short time later German car brands expanded. The founders of Sourkrauts From the beginning it was a concern that every owner of a German automobile gets their money's worth in the label's online store. They don't believe in Brand hostility and unite under their label all German car brands in the so-called "Krauts Army". Whether Opel, BMW or VW, everything that matters for Sourkrauts is that Love of German engineering. They want drivers to say hello to each other and to each other again Respect pay.

SRKRTS Sourkrauts Do The Kraut Krauts Army 2 Sourkrauts High-quality motowear from Germany!

Sourkrauts (030TRADERS GmbH) is therefore the ideal fashion brand for Car lover and Car fanatic. Everyone who loves their car and proudly presents it also wears the label's clothes with joy and pride. Next T-Shirts and Sweaters for Adult and Kids the range also includes Jackets, Pants and numerous other things such as drinks, stickers, key rings and even various "Clean herb cleaner". But in addition to the unique ideas, the garments are particularly impressive due to their quality. For fans of German cars, there is only one brand that is allowed in the closet, namely Sourkrauts. And so that the lovers of the label can also communicate with each other, a hand sign called "Do the herb“Developed. PS. That is now also legendary Youtube channel with the many elaborate videos about tuned vehicles!

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