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Install a petrol can on the car with a can holder!

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Install the jerrycan canister holder and water canister e1585030519306 Install the jerrycan canister on the car!

Canister holders are popular for off-road vehicles and can be used, for example, in the rear area (Tailgate) can be installed. Suitable canisters are available, for example, as petrol canisters and create safety during long off-road journeys and enable the driver to easily get to the nearest petrol station. Canister holders and the matching canisters are available in different versions, so that the interested off-road vehicle driver can also purchase double-canister holders and matching canisters in different sizes.

Canister holder - many designs

Install the gas canister canister holder water canister 2 e1585030591731 with the canister holder on the car!

Canister holders are available for off-roaders and other vehicle variants. The articles for off-roaders can, for example, be attached outside the vehicle in the rear area and used for petrol / diesel but also for the transport of water canisters. In the specialist trade, double canister holders are also available, which allow you to take water and petrol canisters with you. Canister holders are also available for single canisters and can not only be purchased for off-roaders, but in principle they can also be attached to a station wagon, limousine or small car. Matching brackets for 10/20 or 30 liter canisters are available commercially. Furthermore, gasoline jerrycans made of metal optimized for the brackets can be purchased. The article variation is large and before buying the interested tuner should know which model he needs exactly.

Universal canister holder for off-roaders

Fuel canister Canister holder Water canister Install 5 petrol canisters with one canister holder on the car!

Universal canister holders are available for off-roaders, which even offer space for two canisters. Such a variant makes sense for off-roaders if a longer journey without petrol station access is planned and you want to be on the safe side. A petrol can is a much cheaper option than one additional tank which has to be installed with great effort. A canister can be used in the Double bracket For example, be filled with fuel while the other canister is filled with water. When buying a universal can holder, attention should be paid to versatile mounting options. Variants are available on the market that can be mounted both horizontally and vertically on the vehicle.

Canister holder - what to look for when buying?

When buying a canister holder, attention should be paid to high-quality designs. If petrol canisters need to be transported, the articles should be made from refined, refractory metal materials. Versions made of aluminum and versions with stainless steel hinges are available. Furthermore, the canister holders should be able to be equipped with an anti-theft protection. Depending on the model, suitable padlocks can be purchased. A padlock is usually attached so that the canister holder cannot be opened when the handle is locked. When buying a canister holder, you should pay attention to the dimensions. If a canister for gasoline or water is already available, the canister should fit into the holder. For example, a universal can holder that can hold two canisters and is available for an off-roader can be purchased with dimensions of 40 cm (H) x 42 cm (W) x 57 cm (L). There are canister holders on one rear ladder can be installed, there are some for the roof rack or the Bed Rack The pickup and simple variants for direct screwing to the body are available.

the right fuel tank

Fuel canister Canister holder Water canister Install 6 petrol canisters with one canister holder on the car!

And of course you should also pay attention to the right fuel tank. Because not every canister is approved and can therefore be used for vehicles on public roads.

  • Plastic: For the transport IM Basically, a 5 or 10 liter petrol can with UN approval for petrol, diesel and other dangerous goods from TÜV-certified production is sufficient. He should bring an outlet pipe including a safety lock (child lock) and fasten it in the trunk with a lashing strap.
  • Metal: A metal canister for outdoors should hold at least 10 to 20 liters and have a wall thickness of 0,9 to 1,3 millimeters. Particularly robust specimens are recommended. The inner walls of the petrol can must be specially coated to prevent rusting. A special coating should also protect against corrosion on the outside. And also here you have to pay attention to a UN approval for dangerous goods as well as a TÜV and GS test. A built-in locking pin prevents the canister from opening accidentally. An indication of airtight transportation of fuels according to DIN 7274 is an advantage.

What to look for when transporting in a vehicle?

The accommodation should be as far away from the passengers as possible. A gasoline can must be secured inside or outside from slipping and falling over. Various anti-slip mats or tension belts can help. According to the law, private individuals are allowed to carry up to 60 l in a canister. However, this amount is not recommended. Our tip: 10-20 liters! The fuel cannot be stored indefinitely. Theoretically, fuels have an expiration date (especially diesel) and even the best jerry cans can eventually rust or wear out in some other way.

allowed amount varies from country to country

Police fines catalog tuning gasoline canister with a canister holder on the car!

  • Romania allows 10 liters
  • Hungary and Bulgaria generally prohibit the transportation of fuel in canisters
  • Greece only allows it to be carried within the country
  • Switzerland, Turkey, Baltic States allow a maximum of 25 l to be carried

Canister holder and petrol canister - conclusion

A canister holder is available for off-roaders and other vehicle variants. The article can be purchased in universal versions and can be found as a single or double canister holder in specialist shops. When purchasing, attention should be paid to simple and diverse installation options. Furthermore, an existing canister should fit in the canister holder. Canister holders for gasoline should be made from refractory materials. A gasoline canister should have a hole in the clip lock to be sealed. Petrol cans should be designed so that they do not break if they fall off the vehicle. Special reinforcing beads help here. Dip coating from the inside helps against rust.

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Fuel canister Canister holder Water canister Install 7 petrol canisters with one canister holder on the car!

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