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Joke terms: gear sand, file grease and piston return spring!

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Gear sand Training initiation rites joke terms: Gear sand, file grease and piston return spring!

Who doesn't know them nonsensical Things, tools, etc., which mostly apprentices or trainees in the first year of training have to fetch for the "friendly" work colleagues. Often the "fun" is only resolved after some back and forth and the trainee notices that he has just been fooled. Common terms from automotive engineering are the "Piston retraction spring", the "Gear sand" but also the "Carburettor interior lighting". Most of the apprentices are likely to be familiar with these terms from their apprenticeship and will make them smile. And some terms even made it onto Wikipedia. For example the one mentioned Piston retraction spring. But what should the thing actually be able to do?

Piston retraction spring is self-explanatory!

Piston return spring joke terms: gear sand, file grease and piston return spring!
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By installing the very special Tuning piston return spring (Piston retraction spring) it is possible for the engine to performance increase up to 30% of the cross. Rumor has it that the gas pedal adjusts the degree of tension of the piston return spring. But that's not all, there are countless other such joke terms. We have put together the funniest in terms of vehicles or the car workshop for you in the following table:

    • 180 degree angle
    • 90 ° bit
    • 90 ° drill
    • Exhaust to ventilation adapter
    • Exhaust color
    • Adapter three-phase current to Gardena
    • Ignition wire for the spark plug
    • Ashtray ventilation
    • Exhaust interior wall wallpaper
    • Exhaust screw plug
    • Exhaust throttle
    • Exhaust jet deburrer
    • Exhaust wallpaper
    • Heated interior mirror
    • Passenger mute switch
    • Turn signal water
    • Brake pads for engine brake
    • Brake lining oil
    • Double drill
    • Wireworm Kill Spray
    • Pack of ignition sparks
    • Disposable interior tank lighting
    • Relaxation music CD-ROM
    • Replacement chuck for drilling machines
    • After work template
    • Fine dust kit for new vehicles
    • Rim with Inner tire lighting
    • Felt hammer for compression
    • Flux compensator retrofit kit
    • Frequency bending pliers
    • Windscreen tint film 0%
    • Straight Allen key
    • Cup holder adapter
    • Gear sand
    • Thread hammer
    • Glass mallet
    • Hot water - frozen
    • High-performance brake grease
    • Wood saw blades
    • Displacement lighting
    • trucks Driver's license
    • V-belt tension varnish
    • V-belt grease
    • Spark plug cap for Double ignition
    • Click cartridges for the torque wrench
    • Piston seizure kit
    • Piston return spring
    • Compression in the tube
    • Compression in cans
    • Circular file
    • Crankcase lighting
    • Steering wheel balance weights
    • Marten attracting device
    • Opinion booster
    • Motorcycle bike stance
    • Negative spring
    • O exhaust pipe
    • Oil pan puller
    • Connecting rod extractor
    • Cross-field magnet ignition system
    • Wheel nut valves
    • Incense-ignition candle
    • Checker plate spray
    • Rapid filing oil
    • Hexagon thread cutter
    • Stage19 - grounding water
    • Idle gas tank
    • Rockfall Cream
    • Speedometer weights
    • Speedometer cooling
    • Telescopic hammer
    • Tolerance spray
    • Tint film for solar cells
    • Dead flies to stick on
    • Tuning spark
    • Tuning compressed air capsules
    • Turbo hole cover
    • Turbo whistle
    • Safe red area
    • V8 sound from the can
    • Valve seat pad
    • Chromed ignition spark
    • Carburetor tuning
    • Carburetor window curtains
    • Carburettor interior lighting
    • Carburetor sludge
    • Adjustable from the outside Inside mirror
    • Windshield dent hammer
    • Angle hammer
    • protractor
    • Ziggi Charger
    • Spark accelerator
    • Pointless resistance

There are training initiation rites not only in the automotive industry

But such joke terms are also used in completely different professions. Whether carpenters, plumbers, construction, finance / accounting, lawyers, restaurateurs, locksmiths, electricians, TV technicians, chemists / druggists, computer technicians, astronomers or even nuclear physicists. The following is an excerpt category.

  • Nuclear physicist - Antimatter fresh storage box, dimensional equalizer, electron tongs, mobile nuclear gap device, quantum sorter, quantum swirl, quark compensator, special glasses against quantum blurring, tampons for the periodic table
  • Astronomers - 1 kg of dark matter, 10 megawatts of dark energy, asteroid belt (100cm, with buckle), a pack of black holes (frozen), gamma ray adapter, comet pulley, speed sensor, lunar orbit straightener, singularity magnifying glass, supernova instant camera, orbit straightener
  • TV technician - Amplitude sieve, antenna grease, one-way transistor, electron twisting device, replacement pixels for flat screens, frequency bending pliers, interference wire, glue soldering eyes, refill paint for flat screens, ohm pliers, gold-plated standing waves, resistance color rings
  • Electrician - Atomic current filter, three-phase current crank, bucket for the voltage drops, felt electrode, frequency straightener, frequency deformator, direct current transformer, arc file, roll of insulation tape, turbine bumper
  • Locksmith - 90 ° angle screw, a pack of punching points, thread saw
  • carpenter - Counterweights for the spirit level, triangular drill, elliptical cutter, replacement bubble for the spirit level, after-work template, file grease, prefabricated joints, glass plane, hammer with adjustable balance, grainless emery paper, long hole drill, concealed milling cutter, vertical fretwork, spirit level with gram graduation
  • Computer technician - 15m WLAN cable, floppy disk, hard drive print head extractor, refill bits for the hard drive, vertical touchpad, water cooling with Gardena connection
  • Chemists / druggists - Diabetic soap, dihydrogen monoxide (= water!), Sodium chloride dispenser, mercury magnet, vertical fluorescence detector
  • Restaurateurs - Cooker planer, caraway cutter, schnapps throttle, sausage measure
  • Lawyers - Contract ruler, declaration of resignation (= will!)
  • Finance / accounting - Balance measure, balance scale, yardstick for wage tax, stagnation agents, cancellation machine
  • Construction industry - Concrete planer, concrete magnet, slope planer, rubber rivets for rivet gun, curve cord, right-angled arc plumb bob, Siemens air hook
  • Installers - Cordless shower head, octagonal double flange, water jet bending pliers

In almost all professions there is the so-called Training initiation rites (other terms: training initiation rites, training initiation rites, training initiation rites, fun terms, humor archive, joke terms, fun terms, tuning joke terms). They are jokes that are made at the expense of the apprentice or other young professionals. But you should always see it as fun and at some point it's your turn to fool an apprentice in their first year of training.

Siemens air hook joke terms: gear sand, file grease and piston return spring!

Of course that had not happened yet!

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