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The start-up spray: immediate help for starting difficulties!

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Start-up spray Engine starter Start-up spray The start-up spray: Immediate help for starting difficulties!

Who does not know the howling sound of an engine, with which the crucial spark does not jump. The desperate scenes can often be observed, especially in cold and wet conditions. Well-maintained vehicles should be able to start properly under these conditions, but sometimes the spark is simply too weak. This can happen especially with older vehicles. Then one can Jumpstart Spray Provide quick and reliable help, because the cause is rarely in one low battery. By using extremely flammable ingredients such as aerosol or acetone, a start-up spray can significantly increase the flammability of the fuel and thus enable the starting process.

useful when things have to go quickly

Jump start spray Motor starter Motor start spray 2 The jump start spray: Immediate help for starting difficulties!

The help of such sprays is especially a practical solution when things have to be done quickly and a helping hand is not available. It does not matter whether it is a gasoline-powered engine or a diesel engine. This distinction only plays a role in handling. After opening the hood, the intake engines of the air filter to be sought. This can usually be found under a cover. The start-up spray is now sprayed directly into the suction opening. Only a few sprays are usually enough because, as already mentioned, the ingredients are extremely flammable. The vehicle must be started immediately after spraying. Ideally, the engine should start now. If this is not the case, simply repeat the process again. If a helper is available, the ignition process and spraying should take place at the same time. Vehicles with a petrol engine should only give a little throttle when starting, with diesel engines, on the other hand, full throttle once - without preheating.

Be careful when handling the spray

It is important not to use the spray elsewhere in the engine compartment, especially with diesel engines, glow plugs and heating surfaces should not come into contact with the ingredients. In practice, some drivers also like to use brake cleaner as an inexpensive alternative. When using alternative sprays, ensure that they are burnt without residue. Under certain circumstances there may be starting difficulties when the vehicle is already warm. In such cases, careful use of the starter spray can also help. Most of the time, the cause of the missing engine ignition can be found elsewhere. The same applies if the engine can only start with external support. Although the use of starter spray does not cause any damage to the engine, the use is primarily intended as a rare emergency aid and not the solution to a technical problem.

many universal applications

One advantage of jump-start sprays is their universal application. All internal combustion engines can have difficulty starting. In addition to cold and moisture, an engine that has not been used for a long time can also be affected. In these cases, too, the use of a jump start spray can be the saving solution, provided that it is a 2 or 4-stroke internal combustion engine. Lawnmowers, scooters or motorcycles, generators or chainsaws are conceivable here.

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