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Improved cooling performance with a killer chiller system!

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Killer Chiller KC Kit KC cooling system e1583817981173 Improved cooling performance with a killer chiller system!

Killer Chiller or KC for short is the name of a cooling system that is supposed to cool the engine in a targeted manner and to help PS monsters to improve engine temperatures. The system is also called "refrigerated heat exchanger" and, in principle and formulated very simply, represents a heat exchange cooling system. The temperature of technical and mechanical components of the engine is to be kept in an optimal working range. Killer chiller systems offer the possibility of cooling the engine and thereby prevent a drop in performance from the engine.

Killer Chiller - optimal cooling

Killer Chiller KC Kit KC Cooling System 2 Improved cooling performance with a killer chiller system!

“Maintain full power” is what the manufacturers of the killer chiller systems state on their website. KC systems are designed to prevent the vehicle from reducing its output due to excessive heat. If the temperature of certain technical or mechanical vehicle components exceeds the optimum, then the power is reduced in order to protect the engine and other vehicle components. KC systems provide optimal cooling and are available in various kits for various vehicle models.

Killer Chiller Systems - How Do They Work?

Killer Chiller KC Kit KC Cooling System 3 Improved cooling performance with a killer chiller system!

Killer Chiller is connected to the AC system (Air conditioning) of the car and cools as a “piggyback system”. The system is equipped with air conditioning coolant and can provide additional cooling with the help of the AC system. In addition to KC piggyback systems, the manufacturers of the systems also sell stand-alone versions. The standalone versions are equipped with 120-volt AC compressors that can be connected to the 12-volt system of the appropriate vehicle. The company Kincaid Performance, for example, has been offering active cooling systems since 2001 and is specialized in the manufacture of killer chiller systems.

For which vehicles are the systems intended?

Killer Chiller systems are intended for all vehicles with turbochargers or compressors that want to have the best possible performance while driving and are looking for an additional cooling option for the engine (the charge air). The killer chiller systems are available as complete and customized kits for many vehicles. An overview of the various KC kits is given on the manufacturer's website. Furthermore, universal kits are also available, which then have to be specially adapted to the air conditioning and the engine. The prerequisites for installation should be asked directly from the manufacturer. Tuning workshops can help to find the right cooling system for the vehicle and thus prevent the drop in performance.

What should you watch out for when installing the KC system?

Killer Chiller KC Kit KC Cooling System 4 Improved cooling performance with a killer chiller system!

A killer-chiller system is available as a single variant or as a piggyback variant for the existing cooling system (if air conditioning is available ex works) available. When buying, attention should be paid to accuracy of fit and suitability for the respective vehicle. Before buying universal KC kits, you should pay attention to the requirements for installation and operation. If the cooling circuit of the existing cooling system is also to be used, then possible loads for the existing system must of course be taken into account. The cooling capacity of the air conditioning system for the interior naturally decreases when it is used. Here you should inquire in advance what is more important. A cool head or a cool engine! If you have little experience in tuning vehicles and cooling systems, you should definitely rely on a specialist workshop.

Conclusion on the use of the killer chiller systems

Killer chiller systems are available for many vehicle types and can be used to additionally cool the engine of a vehicle and to prevent a drop in performance by cooling. The installation of the KC systems should be carried out professionally. After all, the cooling circuit must be opened if you do not fall back on a variant with its own cooling compressor. The killer chiller system is more suitable for short use, such as on the 1/4 mile, and is less intended for the hunt over the highway. Here one is more appropriate Water / methanol injection. The effect is quite similar, but this system does not require the performance of the air conditioning compressor. At least as long as there is water in the tank.

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Burnout Instructions Cavalier Start Improved cooling performance with a killer chiller system!

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