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KW, PS, HP, BHP, electrical hp (E) & Co. - the meanings!

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Performance diagram protocol Performance increase test bench KW, PS, HP, BHP, electrical hp (E) & Co. the meanings!

Watch out, now comes dry theory to the units KW, PS, HP, BHP, electrical hp (E) & Co. On tuning blog we are regularly confronted with these units, especially when it comes to tuned cars from the USA or off England acts. Then terms are apart from PS and KW Interesting. And we explain them to you in the following article. And we also built in a suitable unit calculator. With this you can convert the most important units like KW, PS, HP, BHP etc. directly. Even the most valued one Wheel power (WHP) our computer spits out.

KW, PS, WHP, HP, BHP & Co. costs easily

KW, PS, HP, BHP, electrical hp (E) & Co

Jump marks tuning blog website KW, PS, HP, BHP, electrical hp (E) & Co. the meanings!Who is only interested in very specific areas around the topic “KW, PS, HP, BHP, electrical hp (E) & Co. - the meanings!iIf you are interested, you can use the following jump labels to navigate directly to the desired topic with just one click. And just as quickly you can return to this overview from the selected menu item with just one click. However, we recommend our readers to always read through the entire article. Some menu items are only really comprehensible and understandable once the complete information article has been read.

  1. SAE-PS, SAE bhp, DIN-PS, SAE value, DIN value
  2. Horsepower (PS)
  3. Kilowatts (kW)
  4. Torque in Newton meters (Nm)
  5. Revolutions per minute (speed, rpm)
  6. Displacement (cubic centimeters, ccm)
  7. Brake horse power- bhp
  8. Horse Power Definition (HP)
  9. What about electric cars?
  10. Even more units with horsepower
  11. Summary

SAE-PS, SAE bhp, DIN-PS, SAE value, DIN value

In America for a long time the performance of vehicles was in SAE-PS or SAE bhp specified and not in Kilowatt or DIN-PSas is the case here in Europe. "Bhp" stands for break horse power and SAE is the abbreviation for "Society of Automotive Engineers". In order to indicate the performance was valid until 1972 the SAE standard, according to the, the performance in those already mentioned bhp was established. The difference between those we know DIN-PS in the human body and facts about the SAE-PS is that with the DIN-PS the Net power of the motor (this also includes all ancillary units such as the water pump or the alternator) is determined and the SAE-PS only the Gross output - one and only the power of the engine. Depending on the unit, the power loss is different, which is why it is no official factor for conversion gives. However, one can say that the SAE value in most cases the DIN value at about 15 to 20 Prozent exceeds. 1f519 KW, PS, HP, BHP, electrical hp (E) & Co. the meanings!

1 bhp (brake horsepower)10,7457001,01387
1 kW (kilowatts)1,3410211,35962
1 hp (horsepower)0,9863200,7354991

1970s Ford Bronco Restomod with Coyote V8 engine 16 KW, PS, HP, BHP, electrical hp (E) & Co. the meanings!

Horsepower (PS): The "classic"

Horsepower HP KW, HP, HP, BHP, electrical HP (E) & Co. the meanings!

The Horsepower it is a unit that is right in this country for vehicles often used and that although strictly speaking veraltet is. The horse power was an official unit only until 1970 (GDR) and 1972 (FRG) and they had to then the SI unit watt, which was named after James Watt, the weicher. But also the term Horsepower comes from James Watt. This developed the unit to the performance of Steam engines to be defined: The value should illustrate how many horses will be replaced by the steam engine. According to the metric definition, is a horsepower exactly the power that is needed to produce a 75 kg heavy mass within a second one meter up to move. Horsepower can also be incorporated into the "new" unit Watt convert. That applies here 1 hp = 735,49875 watts corresponds to what in turn 0,73549875 kilowatts corresponds. So that German horsepower not with other definitions of horsepower are confused, is also the name in the Anglo-American area "Metric horsepower" common. 1f519 KW, PS, HP, BHP, electrical hp (E) & Co. the meanings!

Kilowatts (kW)

Kilowatt KW KW, PS, HP, BHP, electrical hp (E) & Co. the meanings!The unit kilowatt is the unit that since 1978 officially for the description the power of an engine is used. The "Kilo“Here means the Factor 1000 and in Watt it is logically the used unit. One watt is the power required to run one meter long distance Power development of 1 Newton meter to obtain. For the conversion you need the number of kW with the Factor 1,36 multiply. So does the average small car 60 kWwhat close from 82 HP corresponds to, while a BMW M5 is about 294 kW, so roughly from 400 HP disposes. 1f519 KW, PS, HP, BHP, electrical hp (E) & Co. the meanings!

Torque in Newton meters (Nm)

Torque NM KW, PS, HP, BHP, electrical hp (E) & Co. the meanings!

The torque it is about the Torquethat is caused when a force perpendicular to a lever works. The car is the one highest possible powerthat the engine is on the crankshaft transfer can and that in turn on the Drive axis passed on becomes. The torque so is a factor, to the Acceleration of a vehicle and is therefore in directly related to engine performance. To illustrate this, let's take the example of an average small car again. This has 150 Nm maximum torque in the case of a gasoline engine and 250 Nm in case of an Diesel engine, On Rennwagen with a gasoline engine in contrast has about 600 Nm maximum torque1f519 KW, PS, HP, BHP, electrical hp (E) & Co. the meanings!

Revolutions per minute (speed, rpm)

Within the number of revolutions it is about the Speedwith which the crankshaft, which for driving the axis responsible is turns. A conventional one Pkw with petrol engine has a maximum speed of approx. 6.500 revolutions per minute (rpm). Although it has the same performance, it is enough for one Diesel engine 4.000 rpm for the result File 1f519 KW, PS, HP, BHP, electrical hp (E) & Co. the meanings!

Displacement (cubic centimeters, ccm)

Cubic capacity ccm KW, PS, HP, BHP, electrical hp (E) & Co. the meanings!
Credit: Wikipedia

The internal combustion engine it is such that fuel (Petrol / diesel) in the cylinders sprayed and subsequently inflamed becomes. The size of the combustion chamber varies from engine to engine and is used in Cubic centimeters (ccm) indicated, with each cylinder added will. Here correspond 1000 cubic centimeters a liter. Basically: The larger the displacement, the greater the force, the the Apply motor can. At a diesel engine is that force at same cubic capacity higher than with one gasoline engine. To name the obligatory example of the average small car again: This one has 800 to 1600 cubic centimeters displacement1f519 KW, PS, HP, BHP, electrical hp (E) & Co. the meanings!

Brake horsepower- bhp

The unit bhp can also convert. So corresponds 1 bhp = 0,74570 kilowatts or 1,0139 horsepower. But why the addition "brake“? This should clarifythat not the real performance in hp is meant and neither are the so-called Tax PS after Tax formula1f519 KW, PS, HP, BHP, electrical hp (E) & Co. the meanings!

Horse Power Definition (HP)

At the unit Horse power it is the English name for those we know Horsepower. Here, too, the power that a motor vehicle has is specified. Although this unity is out of date, does not mean they is no longer used. This lesson demonstrates how much power the vehicle in Compared to a horse Has. That's how a horse has 1 HP, while many cars sometimes do far more than that Hundreds of times the performance can provide. Of course it is no comparison-based scenarios with regard to suppliers offers,who is really just like that can be transferred, however, in this way the performance of a vehicle can be determined relatively precisely and besides, this makes it easier to visualize them. One horsepower is roughly equivalent to 736 watts. The English variant is called hp, bhp or more precisely from hp (I)which in turn means "horsepower imperial" stands. As already mentioned, one speaks in the Anglo-American area of ​​"metric horsepower“When it comes to the German unity goes. In addition, there are also British "mechanical horsepower“Which on the English units Pound-force (lbf.) and Feet (ft) based. The definition is made with this unit per minute1f519 KW, PS, HP, BHP, electrical hp (E) & Co. the meanings!

Brake horse power HP e1609933953736 KW, PS, HP, BHP, electrical hp (E) & Co. the meanings!
Credit: Wikipedia

What about electric cars?

Be here Kilowatt hours (kWh) or Horsepower electrical (HP (E)) used. Most electric cars have a relatively low capacity (30 kWh), which is why in most cases you don't go further than 200 km comes. But it may well be that changes will be pending here soon. For example in Norway by 2025 all vehicles with Petrol- and diesel engine verboten be, making only Electric cars would be allowed. So one will strong in the range work. By the way, in the USA the Unit hp (E) used to indicate the power of an electric motor. A hp (E) corresponds approximately 746 Watt. Outside of America there are the so-called SI units (Watt or kilowatt) are used. 1f519 KW, PS, HP, BHP, electrical hp (E) & Co. the meanings!

E Auto Charging Wallbox e1601982918698 KW, PS, HP, BHP, electrical hp (E) & Co. the meanings!

There are also more units in which the term “Horsepower” occurs. However, these are defined differently:

  • Drawbar Horsepower: Unit of measure for Performance. It is a matter of 375 Anglo-American pounds, which with normal acceleration over a 1 country mile long route within an hour (375 lbf · mi · h? 1). So it corresponds to one horsepower.
  • RAC Horsepower: Here is the taxation a motor vehicle specified. The value is based on the Number of cylinders and the Cylinder bore determined and it exists no Relation to physical performance.
  • Hydraulic Horsepower: The kinetic energy, which per time on a liquid is transmitted (100% pump efficiency). The Definition takes place through the Mass one Anglo-American pounds per square inch and will with the Normal fall acceleration multiplied and again with the Flow rate US liquid gallon divided. This unit of measurement corresponds approximately a horsepower.
  • Air Horsepower: The Hydraulic horsepower equate, however, with Air instead of liquid.
  • Boiler Horsepower: This is a Unit of measurement for thermal performance. What is meant is the performance necessary is over water with a Mass of 34,5 Anglo-American pounds commented at 212 degrees Fahrenheit (approx. 100 ° C) within 60 Minutes completely closed evaporate. The unit of measurement corresponds to 9,3 British thermal units per second or 13,16 Horsepower.
  • Horsepower (PS): Unit with which the power is specified. Horsepower is based on that Mass, the Length and the time. Instead of 550 Anglo-American pounds, it is based on 75 kg.
  • Electric Motor Horsepower: Also a unit with which the Performance is specified, but with a Electric motor. Depending on the definition, one speaks of horsepower or Horsepower1f519 KW, PS, HP, BHP, electrical hp (E) & Co. the meanings!

Burnout instructions Kavalierstart 2 KW, PS, HP, BHP, electrical hp (E) & Co. the meanings!

Summary: Within the physical size it is about the Energythat within a certain period of time is implemented. That is used Formula symbol P ("Power) and the Unit watt (W). Here too there is multiple definitionsdepending on whether they are on Anglo-American basic units or the metric system based. When Base unit was that metric system set. However, there are also units that should not on the metric system based that can also be used. For example the units hp (E) or hp (I). These units be based on the Anglo-American base units (Foot / foot or pound-force). 1f519 KW, PS, HP, BHP, electrical hp (E) & Co. the meanings!

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