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Hardly any other material cuts a better figure in a car than leather or Alcantara. But regardless of whether it is full-grain, wild, corrected, embossed, dyed, lacquered or artificial: over time, every type of leather takes on dirt, becomes greasy and unsightly. Something can be done about it, thought Nikolai Kulterer and Tim Julian Winters from Viamontis, the German specialist for premium vehicle care. Both have been connected to car care since their earliest childhood. In the circle of family and acquaintances, the two Viamontis managing directors gained experience in the care of interior leather covers on a large number of old and new vehicles of all kinds. But the products available on the market could not convince them. That's why they developed their own leather cleaner and leather care products, along with many other interesting products.

Special foam for all types of leather

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There was a lot of tinkering and testing, cleaning and polishing until the time had finally come and the perfect result was available: the Viamontis leather cleaner, which is suitable for all types of leather surfaces. Whether Alcantara or suede, smooth or grained leather, even modern high-tech materials such as Race-Tex shine in new splendor after a simple treatment. The dirt is effectively removed from the surface, and in the end the leather appears the way it should be: deep clean, with a satin finish to a matt finish - perfectly cleaned and cared for. The original look is restored and odors are eliminated.

Leather cleaner

  • Dissolves a variety of dirt types
  • Suitable for smooth leather, Alcantara, suede or Race-Tex
  • The high-quality foam head produces the finest cleaning foam

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leather care

  • Suitable for all types of smooth leather
  • Brings back the original look and color intensity without dyes
  • Impregnates, nourishes and prevents aging and cracking

Viamontis leather care 01

Easy to apply and process

The quality of the Viamontis leather cleaner is already evident from the special foam head. It is not only made of particularly high-quality material. It also creates a particularly fine cleaning foam that penetrates all the pores of the suede or smooth leather surface and gently removes even stubborn dirt. After applying the foam, which adheres perfectly to the surface, the Viamontis leather cleaner can be easily worked in with a cleaning brush. The two Viamontis bosses are certain: "There is no gentler and at the same time more effective cleaning than with our specially developed foam." The ingredients are tailored to the special properties of leather surfaces of all kinds and guarantee cleaning that is as intensive as it is completely gentle on the material. And the Viamontis leather cleaner is versatile: you can also use it for furniture or leather clothing.

Forever young: The leather care protects and effectively slows down aging

But what use is the cleanest leather if it looks cracked, pale and worn!? That's why Viamontis has the right care products for smooth leather of all ages in its range. It brings back the original look and color intensity without any dyes. In addition, Viamontis leather care protects against UV radiation and dirt and is water-repellent. The material is nourished and impregnated by the rich and natural ingredients and becomes more supple. Because Viamontis leather care penetrates deep into the leather layer, it prevents aging and cracking and prevents existing cracks from spreading.

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Through the use of the highest quality raw materials and intensive development in close cooperation with professional German car detailers, the leather care has a significantly longer and more intensive effect on heavily used surfaces than other products. In addition, it is very productive. This means that the leather interior of a car can be treated several times with just one pan.

Can be ordered online, also suitable for professional use

The Viamontis leather cleaner is offered in a 200 ml bottle with a high-quality foam head and is available for EUR 14,99 via the Viamontis online shop or available from selected partners. The leather care comes in a 180 ml jar and costs 24,95 euros. The constantly growing Viamontis fan community has created a large network of users who are convinced of the quality of the products. The best proof are numerous vehicle conditioners who use the leather care products professionally.

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As usual, customers not only benefit from the high-quality care products from Viamontis, a company based in Bad Wiessee. "Fun in a clean vehicle is one thing, but driving fun is also part of it," say Kulterer and Winters, and they offer every customer the chance to take part in a very special competition: for every euro of sales, every online customer receives a ticket with which they can buy something luck can win great driving experiences. About 2 years with a freely configurable Audi RS 3 or a week with an Audi A1 (1 of 333) or BMW M2 CS.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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