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Retrofitting colorful LED parking lights - the possibilities

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LED parking light SMD Bulb Tuning Colorful LED parking lights retrofit the possibilities

The yellow, conventional parking lights bore you? You would like to have more action and a visual enhancement of your vehicle in the dark? Then you've probably already come up with the idea to replace the yellow halogen bulbs, with blue or colorful LED parking light bulbs. When the SMD LED lighting is used and what advantages or disadvantages you incur by the installation, you will learn in this post. We light in short the field of application and the pros and cons of colorful LED parking light bulbs. Blue or colorful LED parking lights are often used in the tuning scene, as they attract attention above all. Yet this is precisely the aspect that ensures the installation of colored bulbs on the vehicle, within the EU verboten is. However, if you do not want to do without lighting tuning despite the ban, you can choose legal alternatives.

Advantages of the LED parking & parking light bulbs

LED parking light SMD Bulbs Tuning 2 e1562307723199 Colorful LED parking lights retrofit the possibilities

The blue LED parking light bulbs are becoming increasingly popular because they give your vehicle a special character. One thing is guaranteed, you will stand out with your colored LED parking light bulbs and create a recognition value. You can buy the LED parking light bulbs from the following manufacturers: Banggood, KOSO, Osram, UPhoton and many others.

Disadvantages of the LED parking and parking light bulbs

Police fine catalog tuning colorful LED parking lights retrofit the possibilities

A major disadvantage is that the parking light tuning in the form of SMD lighting verboten is. Colored LED parking lights and SMD lighting are not permitted in Germany and the fine catalog provides for a penalty of at least 20 EUR. The rule states that all forward-emitting lights, in white (Fog lights may also light up yellow) must be kept. Lights pointing to the side should be yellow according to regulations. It is also forbidden to install xenon headlights in any vehicle or simply to retrofit them. It is possible, but not with Plug & Play. The reason for this is the sometimes enormous traffic impairment for other road users due to the changed light scattering. Some tuners report in forums about points in Flensburg only because a colored LED parking light bulb was installed. In the end, it always depends on the offense, the scope, the specific details and other circumstances, for example if an accident was caused. Either way, a couple of LED parking light bulbs are definitely not worth it.

But there is also a chance to legally install more beautiful parking light bulbs and chic alternatives to the eye-catching colored LED parking light bulbs.

Although there is one Underbody Lighting a general ban, but the fine catalog indicates that a change in the lighting technology can be allowed if it is related to the door opening and door lock. So why, as an alternative, no underbody lighting that only works when the doors open and when the car is standing? Who still pays attention to the parking light? Should it necessarily be the parking light? OK! If you install your parking light in a different color than the law allows, you should install it in such a way that it can be connected to the opening vehicle door and is "additionally" installed outside the headlight. To do this, you may have to obtain an exemption and should therefore seek extensive advice from your TÜV specialist beforehand. In any case, you cannot use the blue LED parking light bulbs as a conventional parking light.

Halogen parking light bulb in white

LED parking light SMD Bulbs Tuning 3 e1562307842308 Colorful LED parking lights retrofit the possibilities

But there are also legal lamps with halogen technology that can be retrofitted to the vehicle and look better like the yellow bulbs ex works. Blue colored parking light bulbs from Osram, Bosch & Co. are sometimes available with a particularly white effect (the blue color causes a white cone of light) and that too is a visible improvement as we find. Another variant would be the installation of clear glass headlights. These do not shine in a different color, but attract attention thanks to the transparent and modern design and are often equipped with LED parking lights & daytime running light technology. These headlights are also called Angel or Devil Eyes, When remodeling, you must always make sure that the EU certification mark and the ECE mark on the halogen parts are noted.

the possibilities are manifold

LED parking light SMD Bulbs Tuning 4 e1562307946850 Colorful LED parking lights retrofit the possibilities

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