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Retrofit LED headlights: this must be taken into account

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Retrofitting Matrix LED Headlight Tuning LED Headlight: This must be noted

Already 1925 came for the first time for the installation of electric lights in a car. Of course, these were not such modern lights as they are today. A two-string Bilux lamp was the drug of choice. This has proven itself over decades, but the requirements have changed. For example, the higher speeds that you can achieve with your vehicle are responsible for this. You must therefore continue to illuminate a street so that you can recognize potential dangers at an early stage and thus reduce the risk of accidents. The incandescent lamp is still in use, where it is now filled with halogen and represents the most well-known light source on a vehicle. But there are new ways to get better illumination. LEDs have already found their way into the houses, but are still not allowed on the roads as a solution for retrofitting. By the way, there is more about headlights in our large overview "Headlights from halogen to LED to xenon - an indispensable companion"!

Comparison led xenon halogen LED retrofit headlamps: This must be considered

However, studies prove that retrofitting LED floodlights has many advantages, which is why there have been changes for some time now. A conversions on Xenon- or LED base is currently only allowed in combination with a replacement of the complete headlights. If the low beam is stronger than 2000 lumens, an automatic headlight range control and a headlight cleaning system are also required.

headlight headlight type approval LED headlight retrofit: this must be taken into account

Halogen headlights must not be changed

Gas discharge sources or LEDs that are built into halogen headlights with a ballast, for example, are not permitted for road traffic in Germany. These conversion kits for halogen lamps are often only mentioned in the small print of the scope of delivery with information such as “only for racing purposes and export”, indicating the missing ABE or even the EC approval.

Retrofit BMW M4 laser light headlights Tuning LED headlights: This must be taken into account
BMW relies on laser light technology

The benefits of LED headlamps

Especially rear lights offer advantages, if LED headlights are installed there. These jump faster, so the backman can react earlier to a possibly surprising braking maneuver. At a speed of 50 km / h, this results in a saving of approximately 1,7 m braking distance. This difference is significant and ensures that rear-end collisions are less likely. For this reason alone, it makes sense for lawmakers to further address LED retrofit solutions. This will relieve the burden on the insurance companies, and you, too, will be less likely to pay for repairs. In addition, the number of injured and dead on the roads can of course also be reduced in this way. There are also differences in the color spectrum. Specialists have rebuilt a Golf III and have been able to prove the benefits exactly. The color was whiter at 6000 Kelvin color temperature than a standard light. There you will find a value of 2700 Kelvin. The yellow component in the light spectrum is larger, which is why the range of the rays is lower. The colder light from the LED headlamps is still visible, with contrasts also becoming more apparent.

retrofit 1 LED headlights: this must be taken into account

In Asia and the US, there is already a partial permission

These regions are a kind of open-air laboratory that uses LED headlamps with different retrofit versions. The insights gained there can be used by other states as well as car manufacturers to ensure further development. The companies Philips, Osram or Nighteye are already producing LED headlamps for cars and installing them there. They therefore have a knowledge advantage, opening up new markets for themselves.

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