License plate in carbon look - you have to pay attention to that

License plate in carbon optics


Carbon optics are in trend, and license plates in carbon optics have been allowed in Germany for some time. The embossing is the same as with conventional license plates, with one difference: the structured surface protrudes slightly. The license plates are then refined to create the carbon look. This refinement affects the numbers and letters as well as the edge. The rest of the license plate remains unaffected.

Also convinces on tuned vehicles

For anyone who loves their vehicle, the license plate used to be the visual eyesore. German license plates are not very aesthetic. The fiber composite carbon, strictly speaking a carbon fiber reinforced plastic, looks pretty convincing. The carbon look is created using thermal transfer printing, but the license plate is of course still not made of carbon.

License plate in carbon optics

Carbon is known from motorsport. The material mix has great properties: Despite its lightness, the material is really stable. The thin fibers make it possible to create complex shapes. The fact that carbon is still very expensive may be the reason why at the license plate in carbon optics no real carbon is used. Thermal transfer printing only creates the carbon look.

Allowed since October 2018

Plastic license plates with a carbon look have been permitted in Germany since October 2018, while aluminum license plates with an embossed carbon look will only be permitted from June 2019. To prove that all legal requirements have been met, the signs must bear the DIN test mark on the front . DIN 74069:1996-07 stipulates that the license plates have a reflective surface. Without this, the license plate is not permitted. If you get a license plate in carbon optics, you should definitely pay attention to it!

Please note when changing the license plate!

If you register a new car, you can of course get a carbon-look number plate. But it is also possible to exchange older license plates. The seals on the old license plate are removed, making it invalid. The seal is glued to the new number plates. A few documents must be submitted for these operations:

  • the old marks
  • the new marks
  • Proof of last HU
  • identity card
  • Registration certificate part I and II

If the vehicle owner cannot do this himself, a power of attorney is also required for the exchange.

Everything a little more complicated: Online?

Due to the corona pandemic, many registration offices are requiring you to apply for the exchange online. The documents and application form must then be dropped into the letterbox of the admissions office (ideally bundled in a single envelope). Once the application has been processed, the admissions office will call you. Then documents and new license plates can be picked up, payment is made by bank transfer.

License plate carbon look 1

Important: If you apply for a carbon look number plate for a company car, you also need an excerpt from the commercial or association register! And there is even a special rule. Since minors can also be vehicle owners, a legal guardian, their permission and identification documents are required in this case.

Please note!

Aluminum license plates are significantly more robust and can be better adapted to the bodywork. The embossing of the aluminum license plates is relatively weather-resistant because the numbers and letters are colored throughout.

License plate in carbon optics has advantages

The practical use of the license plate with the carbon look may be limited. Visually, however, it makes a lot. Tuning friends know: The carbon look makes the whole vehicle appear more valuable. The license plate, which has often disturbed the overall picture, now fits seamlessly into the work of art thanks to the carbon look.

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