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Tire curb damage tuning e1633692654193 Info: What is the lifespan of car tires?

They connect the vehicle to the road and without them there is participation in road traffic should not possible. We're talking about the Tires. But tires also belong to the Wear parts of the vehicle. Regardless of whether you move your car often or rarely, at some point the vehicle will need new tires. But when are new tires actually due? Here is enlightened.

DOT number reveals the age!

Each tire has one on the side DOT number imprinted. The DOT number is a four-digit number which is used for the Week of manufacture and that year stands. If the DOT number is 3820, the tire was manufactured in the 2020th calendar week in 38. There is more about the names on the tires in our article "Explanation! What do the tire names say?".

Tire labeling Explanation Numbers Info: What is the lifespan of car tires?

Not more than 6 years, according to ADAC.

There are manufacturers who give their tires one 10 year lifespan attest. The ADAC says, however, that tires that older than 6 years should no longer be driven. This means that we currently have the 40th calendar week of 2021, so tires would be before 2015 too old. But age is not the only reason for new tires.

The wear of the tire!

If you can manage it with your vehicle always at the same speed, and only straight ahead to drive, they would have the least wear and tear. The tires would probably last a hundred thousand kilometers. That is in real life though impossible.

What is the effect of wear and tear?

The kilometers driven have an effect on wear and tear. Simply put, the more you drive, the more wear and tear, because the tire wears out due to the friction that occurs when the tire rolls over the road. The subsurface is also important. A stony path with holes will wear out the tires more than a freshly paved road. Many curves also increase wear. Not to forget the Tire pressure. If the tire pressure is too low, the tire has a larger contact surface, which leads to more wear. Therefore it is important check the air pressure regularly.

Convert bar bar PSI air pressure tires Info: What is the lifespan of car tires?

What does the legislator say?

According to the legislator, the tire must at least 1,6 mm profile depth exhibit what is extremely little. The ADAC has also dealt with this question. They came to the conclusion that the performance of the tires decreases extremely when the profile less than 3 - 4 mm hat.

How can winter tires be recognized?

The rubber compound in winter tires is different so that they remain flexible even at low temperatures, which gives good grip on the asphalt. They can be recognized by their letters "M + S"what stands for match and snow. This has been around since 2018 Alpine symbol. The Alpine symbol consists of a mountain with a snowflake. There is one in Germany situational winter tire dutythat says that car set a link from your homepage to have fitted the appropriate tires in winter. The profile of winter tires has wide and deep grooves and sipes. So that the tire can reach into the snow and have a grip. In addition is the rubber compound another so that it remains flexible even at low temperatures.

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How long do winter tires last?

If winter tires are used in summer, they wear out more due to the high temperatures, which enormously reduces their service life. That is why you should drive tires in the season for which they are made. Winter tires also have in summer a worse braking distance and the risk of aquaplaning increases. Winter tires should be replaced after 40.000 km or at the age of 6 years. The profile is also important for winter tires. According to the law, the tires must also be used here 1,6 mm at the latest Change tread depth. The ADAC recommends, but the tires do at 4 mm switch.

What is special about summer tires?

They are optimized for high temperatures. Your rubber compound remains stable even in the heat. Roughly they come from Easter to October for use (depending on the weather). The profile is developed in such a way that it can displace a lot of water, which reduces aquaplaning. Water can only be displaced with a sufficient profile.

summer tires winter tires Info: What is the lifespan of car tires?

How long do summer tires last?

The legislator again refers to a profile depth of 1,6 mm. However, since the braking distance is longer with so little tread and water cannot be easily transported away, the ADAC recommends a minimum tread depth of 3 mm. The tires should be replaced after about 40.000 km or at the age of 6 years. The summer tires work a lot and could even become porous.

What are all-weather or all-season tires?

They are a compromise between winter tires and summer tires. The compromise relates to the profile and the rubber compound. They are not as good as summer tires in summer, they also consume more fuel and have a longer braking distance. In winter they are better than summer tires, but worse than winter tires.

All-season tires Winter tires Summer tires 1 e1605101725797 Info: What is the lifespan of car tires?

The lifespan of all-season tires.

Life expectancy is Kurzer than with seasonal tires. You should follow them 35.000 km or after 2 to 4 years Replace service life. The tread depth is also important here. The set says again 1,6 mm. Since the all-season tires with Alpine symbols and M + S identification can be used for winter, the ADAC recommends a minimum tread depth of 4 mm.

Conclusion: when should you change car tires?

Damaged tires should be replaced! Regardless of whether it is summer, winter, all-weather or all-season tires, the tread is only 4 mm deep, should you change the tires and not reduce the tread to the legal limit of 1,6 mm. If the profile is deep enough but the mileage has been reached, they should also be replaced. Correct storage is important for seasonal tires, as light and heat can be harmful here. Contact with petrol, grease, solvents or oil can damage the tires. If the profile is deep enough and the mileage has not yet been exhausted, the tires should at the latest every six years change. This is the safe way to go.

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