LIGHTWEIGHT chassis technology "2023" Clubsport using the BMW M2 CS as an example


From the outside there is hardly any difference to the limited special series of only 2200 vehicles; but the technical modifications speak for themselves. Even the electronically adjustable chassis was left at the standard level, but more on that later. Anyone who knows the BMW tuner LIGHTWEIGHT Performance from Hessen knows that the team, which has more than 10 years of experience in the BMW optimization segment, consistently continues where BMW stops. Enthusiastic about the Clubsport conversions of the "regular" F87 M2 / M2 Competition, a customer from the far north called LIGHTWEIGHT Performance and ordered "everything once", with the comment: "But my M2 is a CS".

LIGHTWEIGHT chassis technology

No problem for the team from beautiful Sinn-Fleisbach, with an even more beautiful workshop and showroom area. "Cleanliness" says company boss Marc Müller, "is right at the top of the list for me. Shortly after fast lap times”. "Furthermore," adds Sales Manager Oliver Lindstedt, "our products and conversions have to match the customer's requirement profile. At LIGHTWEIGHT, we attach great importance to a reasonable needs analysis in order to perfectly match the customer's vehicle to the owner and not to advise on optimizing sales".

But now to the complete conversion of the BMW M2 CS in Misano Blue: When buying the vehicle, the owner valued "understatement" and chose the rims in Jet Black and not Frozen Gold. This understatement was extremely important to the customer during the overall conversion by the LIGHTWEIGHT company. Accordingly, the series aerodynamics continue to adorn the car and actually on the outside only the well-known LIGHTWEIGHT exhaust system from OPF with EC approval. In this case with 89 mm chrome tailpipes. Other tailpipe variants are of course also available on request.

JS Downpipe with EC approval

On the exhaust side, an HJS downpipe with EC approval was also installed, so the CS sounds sporty and dull without running the risk of attracting attention on a race track due to applicable DB restrictions; the combination of the two components was checked again specifically for the M2 CS by a recognized acceptance organization and can be entered via a special acceptance in Fleisbach. In addition to the well-known LIGHTWEIGHT Clubsport conversions with a roll bar and rear panels covered with Alcantara, the CS also had Recaro Pole Position with LIGHTWEIGHT consoles (low seating position, centered in the middle behind the steering wheel, belt attachment point for 4/6-point belts). Mission. "Of course everything with TÜV," says Oliver Lindstedt.

And now to the technical highlight, which is only known from the sports car / hypercar sector: an electronic chassis that can be adjusted from the interior and via the display with a controller in tension / compression as well as roll and roll movements. The driver also has the option of saving his individual set-up in five different sets on the display and changing them in fractions of a second by touching the touchscreen.

TOUR BW Axx21 01 Scaled 1

In cooperation with the TracTive Suspension company, they have created something that takes the BMW models to the next level in terms of driving dynamics. With the M2CS, the "Road&Track" variant with camber adjustment, VA and HA was chosen; there is also a "Touring" variant without camber adjustment. And if you have already installed an EDC suspension and would prefer to set the new suspension using BMW's own adjustment: You can also control both variants without a standalone connection (display and controller).


"In many tests on various racetracks as well as in daily use on country roads and motorways, we noticed the ultra-fast adjustment of the dampers," says Marc Müller. "The possibility of being able to offer our customers the most modern and highly innovative chassis technology really excited and drove us and ultimately led us to implement this for our customers," adds Marc Müller , that's the way it is with LIGHTWEIGHT” smiles Oliver Lindstedt. Corresponding articles on this will soon appear in the trade press.

The chassis have already been fully developed for many models in the F series; For the G series, the dynamic team from Fleisbach is still waiting for the touring variant and yes, they will also dare to try the new BMW M4 CSL, which LIGHTWEIGHT has owned for about 4 weeks. "There's still more to come" is the promising statement from Marc Müller.


About TracTive:

  • In 2010 the company TracTive was founded from parts of the WP Suspension team. As a supplier to various OEM and small series manufacturers, the patented DDE valve was able to present a technology on the market that is able to influence the flow processes in the shock absorber much more quickly than the products of various market competitors. This results in a quick and spontaneous response of the shock absorbers.

The technical requirements of the Tractive company and our experience in the BMW area only allow the conclusion that chassis will be developed here together in the future, which will meet the highest quality requirements and guarantee fast lap times," says Oliver Lindstedt.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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