Lightweight tuning: This can be "made easier" on the vehicle!

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BMW M2 CS F87 2020 Lightweight Tuning 68 Lightweight Tuning: This can be made easier on the vehicle!

In racing and also with sports cars like the Bugatti, McLaren, Koenigsegg or Ferrari, a particularly light design of the vehicle is often sought, i.e. Lightweight. This is because by increasing the power to weight ratio (so-called power-to-weight ratio) better driving performance can be achieved by reducing the mass. This includes, for example, improved acceleration, but also improved properties with regard to dynamics in curves and when braking. This means you can benefit from improved steering behavior and higher speeds in bends, for example, but also from later braking points and the braking system does not wear out as quickly. If you have the so-called rotating and the unsprung masses reduce by 10 kilograms, this is equivalent to reducing the sprung masses by 40 to 50 kilograms.

Lightweight construction instead of increased performance

BMW M3 E30 Restomod Turbo Tuning Redux Lightweight Construction 18 Lightweight Tuning: This can be made easier on the vehicle!

Some of the products that are suitable for reducing weight include:

You can also save even more weight by simply removing components that are not required on the racetrack anyway. You can use the vehicle Interior and Outside as "stripping". This is on the one hand quite simple and on the other hand it is cheap and effective. For example, you can remove the air conditioning system and its lines, the navigation system, the seats including the rear seats, the sound system, the airbags, the impact absorbers or the xenon headlights. If you carry out such procedures, you can easily reduce the weight by 100 to 200 kilograms. That is with one performance increase in the amount of 50 to 100 hp and, as already mentioned, also affects the driving behavior. Even the built Tires can vary in weight. We have a small overview in our post "That's what tires actually weigh“Set up to show the differences.

For the racetrack or the public road?

BMW E36 M3 Racecar Displacement Reduction Tuning Lightweight Tuning: This can be made easier on the vehicle!

However, you should definitely consider whether the vehicle is only intended for the race track or whether it should also be used on public roads. The removal of the headlights or other safety-relevant components is of course irrelevant for a street-legal vehicle. And even for the racetrack, everything cannot be thrown out of the vehicle. Again, there are special safety rules that must be observed. For example, if you remove all other seats except for the driver's seat, you save weight, but at the same time it is mandatory to install a roll cage. Of course, this brings weight back into the vehicle. But in the end it might save your own life. Lightweight tuning on the car can sometimes be very simple, but it depends on many factors, especially with regard to the StVO.

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Light alloy wheels PROTRACK Tuning 5 e1572424851600 Lightweight tuning: This can be made easier on the vehicle!

Below are a few examples from our tuning lexicon:

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What are so-called recovery boards for the vehicle?

recovery boards traction mats starting aid tuning 55 e1605188504991 310x165 lightweight tuning: This can be made easier on the vehicle!

What are so-called bargeboards for the vehicle?

Bargeboards Air baffles Turbolator Tuning Structure 310x165 Lightweight Tuning: This can be made easier on the vehicle!

Staggered Wheels rims: what kind of rims are they?

Staggered Wheels Rim Tuning 310x165 Lightweight Tuning: This can be made easier on the vehicle!

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