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Tuning down to the keyhole - the lock cylinder cover!

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Lock cylinder cover Door lock cover e1608728200773 Tuning into the keyhole the lock cylinder cover!

A few days ago we looked at a pretty tiny tuning accessory. Namely with the Wiper hole cover. And today it will be one more Size smaller! Today is about them Lock cylinder cover for Door handle or the handle on the Trunk lid. In principle, the small covers can be used wherever a conventional one Vehicle lock is installed. So this also applies to a lockable one Glove compartment, one roof box up to Bike rack. (Tip: This is how the bike rack is attached to the car!) And there the little covers in particular Schmutz and any kind of Weather conditions protect, they are even apart from Tuning aspect makes sense. They are often made of plastic, but there are also variants Aluminium or Carbon are available.

Lock cylinder cover

Lock cylinder cover Door lock cover 1 e1608728281650 Tuning into the keyhole, the lock cylinder cover!

A cover for the lock cylinder is actually intended for vehicle locks from older vehicles. These are often namely can not be with a cover (small flap that slides away when the key is inserted) to protect against Pollution Mistake. In such a case there are the small covers that hold the lock cylinder of the trunk lid or driver's door on older cars protect. Often the small caps are even paintable and can therefore be painted in the vehicle color or as a contrast on request. Such a cover will simply put on the lock cylinder and usually fits on each Standard lock. However, it should be borne in mind that when a vehicle is over no radio remote control has to be removed every time you open the driver's door or the tailgate want to unlock. In the long run, certainly a very idle process. For vehicles with a remote control, a nice gimmick as protection for the lock and visual enhancement! In any case better than closing the door lock with Edding & Co. brush.

Lock cylinder cover Door lock cover 2 Tuning into the keyhole the lock cylinder cover!

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Lock cylinder cover Door lock cover e1608728200773 Tuning into the keyhole the lock cylinder cover!

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Geely Emgrand GS FeelAir air suspension tuning 7 e1608637011949 310x165 Tuning down to the keyhole of the lock cylinder cover!

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Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 Tuning down to the keyhole, the lock cylinder cover!

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