More top speed - the conversion to a long transmission!

Automatic conversion of manual gearbox

Good engine tuning should make a vehicle faster, more powerful, but also more individual. The car is often used to boost performance Tuning on the cylinder, with a Sports exhaust or a good one Chiptuning tries. But there are additional methods to make the car faster and to give the vehicle an all-round tuning. In addition to installing a stronger engine the car can also be converted to a long gearbox if you value improved top speed. So you achieve the opposite, as it were, with you short gearthat on more draft and less V.-Max. is designed. What a long gearbox does for the vehicle is explained in more detail below.

Long transmission - what is it good for?

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If the engine tuning is exhausted, but the desired top speed is still not achieved, or can only be achieved at too high speeds, the gear ratio can be improved and the desired tuning can be completed by a long gear. The conversion to a long gearbox, however, is coupled with extensive conversion measures on, for example, the clutch and other automotive elements. The conversion can, however, as a nice side effect, in a significant fuel saving same driving style lead.

Conversion to a long gearbox - what do you need?

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The new gearbox should definitely be designed for the torque of the engine and not too long his. If the transmission is too long, the vehicle can be slower than desired and not meet the tuning requirements. This is particularly noticeable when pulling through or during a traffic light sprint. It is therefore advisable to order and install suitable spare parts and conversion parts that are accompanied by a sophisticated calculation of the desired ratio. Contact persons can be found in specialist and tuning workshops who can recommend suitable translations and conversion options for the respective vehicle model. Often the conversion to a long gear can also be carried out there. For the installation, the pedals, slave / master cylinder, gear holder, motor holder, flywheel, clutch, sealing rings, cable pull and maybe even the drive shafts almost always have to be converted. In forums, the question is often asked about suitable donor vehicles, where the gearbox can be removed. Before the forum entries lead to orders for automotive parts, you should definitely consult a specialist who can assess how sensible the installation of the automotive parts is and whether the parts fit at all.

Don't buy on good luck

Parts for converting from a car to a long gearbox should not necessarily be bought together or cannibalized from other old vehicles. Even if the car drives smoothly at first glance, the transmission transmission does not have to be satisfactory. You often only notice something like this when you use it every day after a certain time. Before the tuning does not work as desired, you should consult a tuning workshop and get a suitable gear. Furthermore, the built-in automotive parts should be of perfect quality so that they last long. If you want to use a long gearbox from a used vehicle, you should pay attention to functioning, tight and good goods. Well-known internet sales portals often help here not further, because the vehicle parts cannot be checked in advance.

Conversion to a long gearbox - advantages

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The conversion to a long gear leads to an improved gear ratio and makes sense if the engine tuning has already been exhausted. A long gear should, however, be installed by a specialist. The conversions and the necessary vehicle spare parts must be professional and suitable for the respective vehicle. Often the conversion to a long gearbox is made on older vehicles. For example, if you have a VW Golf IV with a 5-speed gearbox, you can convert it to a 6-speed manual gearbox. Such a conversion has the advantage that the gears are often a little shorter among each other, which results in better acceleration. The last gear is also the "fuel-saving gear" at V.-Max. runs in the direction of the rev limiter only in the rarest case. If the engine has enough power, a significantly improved top speed can be achieved with this variant. Of course, it always depends on the project, the vehicle and the actual tuning request.

Example Audi A2 with 5-speed gearbox

For example, if you have an Audi A2, the 6-speed manual transmission (MYP / O2S series) from the VW Passat 1,6 tdi bluemotion (B6) fits with one job. Here is the translation, except for the shorter first gear, almost the same as the original gearbox. The first gear has 4,11, the second 2.12, the third 1,36, the fourth 0,97, the fifth 0,733 and the last gear has 0,592. If you use a differential with a gear ratio of 3,39, a significantly lower engine speed will be reached in the last gear, which will result in a decent top speed with enough engine power. The previously mentioned fuel-saving effect also occurs.

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