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Support for the back - retrofit lumbar support

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Lumbar support lumbar support back cushion e1578404041203 Retrofit support for the back lumbar support

Those who often have to travel long distances in the car know how important a comfortable car seat is. Sitting for long periods in the same posture is exhausting and harmful to the spine. But comfortable lumbar supports are usually not part of the standard equipment of cars. Therefore, not only owners of older models will be happy that a lumbar support can be easily and inexpensively retrofitted.

Why retrofit a lumbar support?

Lumbar support lumbar support back cushion 2 retrofit support for the back lumbar support

A lumbar support is a bulge that bulges forward in the area of ​​the lower backrest of the car seat. Here the lumbar region in the back is supported. In this way, healthy sitting is promoted and back pain is prevented. Anyone who already has a built-in lumbar support in the car seat can count themselves lucky. However, these can be unsuitable for the driver if he has a particularly large or small body size. Then the lumbar support is often in the wrong place and does more damage than good. In this case, it may be necessary to retrofit such a support. Even those who are on their way home from a physically demanding job or sport will be happy if they can use the drive home for regeneration. If you already suffer from back problems, you should probably talk to a specialist beforehand about which type of lumbar support is the best.

What are the options?

Lumbar supports are available in the form of elastic frames covered with mesh or as pillows. Both types are offered in different sizes. Cushions also covered with different materials, such as in artificial leather. A suitable support can be found for almost all vehicle seats. Of course, also for the holiday trip with the motorhome and for truck drivers, for whom a back support is worth its weight in gold. Lumbar supports from third-party suppliers can be easily attached to the car seat with elastic bands. A nice side effect is that these separate supports can be removed and taken away if necessary. For example, for use in the office or on the home computer. The advantage of lumbar supports with mesh is that they are breathable and that air can circulate between the back and seat. There are also systems on the market where you can inflate the back cushion manually with a small pump and thus adapt it individually to the back. A particularly adaptable material is the so-called memory foam. This reacts to body heat and returns to its original form when it cools down.

Fixed installation retrofitting possible, but complex

Lumbar support lumbar support back cushion 3 e1578404217850 Retrofit support for the back

These cushions are particularly useful when several people share a car, as each back has different needs. There are also lumbar supports that use knobs or small balls to create an additional massage effect. Alternatively, there is also the option of retrofitting the existing seat with a built-in lumbar support. However, one should note that the conversion is extremely time-consuming. The seat has to be completely dismantled and a guarantee that there is enough space for the installation in a suitable place often cannot be given. And in order to be able to adjust the lumbar support, a hole even has to be cut in the side cheek. As an alternative, you should check in advance whether the manufacturer does not have a seat with lumbar support that can be exchanged directly for the existing seat.

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Titan stud bolts threaded rod stud bolts 5 e1578382924208 310x165 Retrofit support for the back lumbar support

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Fuel pressure regulator Fuel pressure regulator Fuel regulator 2 e1578378012154 310x165 Retrofit support for the back lumbar support

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% C3% 96lwanne% C3% 96lab Drain Screw Tuning 310x165 Retrofit support for the lumbar support

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% C3% 96lk% C3% BChler engine cork% C3% BChler additive k% C3% BChler 6 e1578335799741 310x165 retrofit support for the back

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% C3% 96l Catchtank% C3% 96ls collector Entl% C3% BCftungstank e1578337903900 310x165 Retrofit support for the back lumbar support

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