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Info: What is a maneuvering aid for the trailer?

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When driving with trailers or mobile homes, maneuvering to park or leave a parking space is often a dreaded situation. Also with helpers accidents or stress can occur. Maneuvering aids are devices that are intended to simplify this process. There are different types that are suitable for different types of trailers. Interested tuners and especially friends of mobile homes can make the selection according to their personal needs.

What is a maneuvering aid?

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Maneuvering aids for trailers are suitable for different types of trailers. There are suitable maneuvering aids for large horse trailers and caravans as well as for small car trailers. The devices work with a motor that enables semi-automatic or automatic control of the trailer. Maneuvering aids replace the car or helpers when maneuvering heavy trailers. They make the maneuvering process easier, especially on difficult terrain. Maneuvering aids reduce the turning circle and are easier to control than a car with a trailer. To do this, the devices are mounted on the chassis of the trailer. This installation can also be carried out later by an experienced hobby tuner or a professional craftsman.

What types of maneuvering aids are there?

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different versions, depending on the application

There are different types of maneuvering aids for trailers. Typically, the devices can be divided into semi-automated and automated models. The difference lies in the convenience they provide to the user. In addition to their drive unit, maneuvering aids have a pivot mechanism that presses the drive unit against the tire. In semi-automatic devices, this mechanism usually has to be operated manually and sometimes requires a lot of force. As soon as the drive unit is lowered, the maneuvering aid can conveniently control the trailer using a remote control, even in tight spaces. Both semi-automatic and automatic maneuvering aids are available in different designs for different trailers and needs.

Purchase criteria for maneuvering aids

A maneuvering aid should be selected based on many different criteria. The decisive factors are the weight of the trailer and its construction. Single-axle vehicles require a different maneuvering aid than, for example, tandem-axle vehicles. When it comes to weight, not only the trailer but also its maximum load counts. The maneuvering aid should also be able to move the fully loaded trailer without problems. The control of the maneuvering aid should also offer the user the highest possible level of comfort and safety. This includes a safety socket that prevents the drive unit from swiveling while driving. The type of control should be made dependent on personal needs. With caravans in particular, a lot of sensitivity is often required for maneuvering on the campsite, while with other trailers a simple control can be sufficient. A maneuvering aid is a long-term investment in more comfort when handling large trailers and should be selected according to personal needs.

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