Info: Always observe the manufacturer's instructions for engine oils!

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Motor oil guide

As a general rule, drivers should keep their vehicle's engine oil in regular intervals switch. In the meantime, however, there is an almost unmanageable selection of different engine oils on the market. But watch out, because not every Motor oil is suitable for every car. In order to be able to choose the right engine oil, you should definitely use the Operating Instructions study the vehicle. In this is the oil suitable for the engine, which is also the Minimum requirements of the manufacturer fulfilled, listed very precisely. The so-called are also important Viscosity grades, which are also listed in the operating instructions for the vehicle. Namely, the viscosity describes how tough the oil is or may be. The respective value corresponds to the temperature range of application of the oil.

It is essential to observe the manufacturer's instructions

Motor oil guide

What a lot of drivers rather What is known is that all vehicle manufacturers now have very special requirements for engine oil. Not only that are decisive Lubricitybut also the inner one Engine cleaning and the Seal compatibility. In order to keep the engine running as long as possible and the vehicle warranty, every car owner should strictly adhere to the manufacturer's specifications and just use an approved engine oil. For a longer vacation trip by car abroad, you should always have a reserve bottle of the right motor oil in the trunk.

What are engine oils made of?

Today's engine oils are made up of several Base oils, Mixtures and additives (additives). These additives improve the properties of the oil and allow it to be adapted to the needs. The more additives there are in the oil, the more expensive the oil is in most cases. But quality has its price, as is well known.

Engine oil analysis SGS oil analysis 2

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