Kennfeldoptimierung / Chiptuning for more power

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Chiptuning ECO tuning map optimization / chip tuning for more power

Who does not want to get out of his car? In the long run you get used to the performance of the vehicle. With autotuning you can achieve the best possible by various changes to the vehicle. There are different types of tuning. On the one hand, you can tune the body by attaching components that improve handling through aerodynamic changes (spoilers, etc.). Another option is tuning the engine. In this case, improved components are installed in the engine so that it can deliver more power. Chiptuning improves engine performance by optimizing the so-called characteristic curves of various parameters, and at the same time the turbocharger or supercharger is often improved and a sports exhaust system installed. In the case of chip tuning, the performance is essentially optimized and the behavior of the engine can be adapted to the wishes of the driver.

Kennfeldoptimierung / Chiptuning

Special Concepts Chiptuning Audi A3 8P chip tuning map optimization / chiptuning for more power

The new control chip (the new software) for the engine may change the values ​​of the fuel supply, the air supply, the exhaust gas values, the boost pressure, the turbocharger and various temperature values. However, these parameters are usually interdependent so that not only individual values ​​have to be changed, but usually several. Chiptuning relies on mechanical reserves of the engine, which are often factored in by the manufacturer, but are not retrieved. These reserves serve to preserve the longevity of the engine and various components. Characteristic optimization is used to obtain increased power which can have a negative effect on the longevity of the engine. However, in specific individual cases, a characteristic curve optimization can also lead to an extension of longevity due to the personal driving behavior.

rarely does one really save fuel

Gasoline fuel pump map optimization / chip tuning for more performance

However, it is important to note that although increases in performance of up to 150 PS can only result from a new software, but usually associated with a higher fuel consumption and a shortening of the engine durability as the more power normally retrieves more often. Also, a change in the characteristics of the various parameters of the engine is natural Report to and therefore subject to registration as changes have been made to the vehicle that are not taken into account in the registration process The bottom line is that autotuning by optimizing characteristics / chip tuning by an experienced tuner with the right software is relatively quick. A component almost never has to be replaced or exchanged. However, one should take into account the possible consequential damage, the obligation to register and of course the costs as well as the possible expiry of the guarantee. Ps. What actually happens if you add a tuning box to a vehicle that is already equipped with OBD chip tuning? We thought about it!

BB Automotive VW T6 Bus 400PS Chiptuning 2.0tdi Diesel Tsi Petrol 12 map optimization / Chiptuning for more power

Of course that had not happened yet!

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