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low mounted LSD Doors Alfa Romeo Mito 1 license plate offset! That must be considered

It was fine with the cars Alfa Romeo and the motorcycles Harley Davidson, which have initiated the trend of laterally offset license plates. The long pulled down radiator opening, in the form of an inverted triangle, made it absolutely necessary for the Alfa Romeo to put the license plate from the center to the outside. At this point, the Italians have probably forgotten that the number plates of neighboring countries are significantly larger than their own. The front end looked with the large German license plate no longer as chic and noble as with the filigree Italian. Nevertheless, the idea has prevailed, more and more tuners offer front and rear sections that allow the license plate to move to the right or left. In the first place, there is little legal against doing so.

The right position is a must!

Alfa Romeo pioneered the cars

Above all, it is important that the license plate remains well visible. Here, when buying and remodeling should be taken to ensure that all necessary ABE´s and TÜV registrations are legally safe. Because there is a certain gray area with the laterally offset license plate. The friends of the American motorcycle brand Harley-Davidson know this. They also like to move their license plates from the center to the side. The corresponding holder with lighting is then attached there in the area of ​​the wheel hub of the rear wheel.

also on the motorcycle an eye-catcher

Mounted offset plate Attach Harley Davidson license plate offset! That must be consideredAlthough the license plate is no longer visible from the other side, it is official for this conversion TÜV entries. In the Netherlands, the trend is even going so far that the local tuners not only attach the license plates to the side, but also upright. That looks absolutely awesome, especially with small and short license plates. However, we can assume that the German legislature's enthusiasm for this will be limited and that it will therefore not give the green light. It's an exciting topic and, as so often, it makes a lot of sense to find out more beforehand. Then you can look forward to the next police check very relaxed.

to a short license plate is chic

Get a short license plate offset plate attached! That must be considered

What should also be considered before the conversion is a re-application of the plate. This is especially true for those who have a long mark, z. B. with two letters and four numbers. Here short combinations seem particularly noble, with a bit of luck you can land a real hit at his local road traffic office. It is always worth asking. This can even have a positive effect later on the sale of the car, there are plenty of buyers who give the vehicle with the shorter and crisper license plate preference.

PS: There is even more information about the position of the license plate in our article "License plate and the position on the vehicle"!

Fitted markings Attach Tuning 2 license plate offset! That must be considered

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