Better travel with a massage seat pad for the car

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Massage Seat Mat Massage Mat Multifunction Pad Travel better with a massage seat pad for the car

Seats installed as standard in a car usually offer little comfort. Now and then there is one lumbar support or Leg support to pull out, it only becomes really comfortable if you either drive a luxury car or at least have selected the most expensive variant in terms of seats when ordering the vehicle. If that wasn't the case, you often regret it later. Especially on longer journeys, it would be pleasant if you could get a warm and soothing massage in between. Since there is no masseur in the back seat of every ride who could intervene here, many drivers use a trick. You place a massage seat cover on the standard seat cover of the car. These can be purchased separately from retailers and only cost a fraction of a factory seat with a massage function.

Seat covers are usually compatible

Massage Seat Mat Massage Mat Multifunction Pad 2 Travel better with a massage seat pad for the car

Most massage seat covers are compatible with all car seats. You can save yourself the replacement of the standard car seat with a massage seat. The solution with the massaging seat pad is cheaper, but not quite as effective as a factory-made massage seat. It should be noted that there are two types of massage seat covers. There are vibratory massage pads on one side. These are simple and pretty cheap. Then there are massage seat covers with movable massage heads. These offer almost the comfort of a shiatsu massage of the neck and lower back. Via a heating function in the form of a Heated seats have both variants of a massage seat cover. And high-quality devices are even with one seat ventilation available.

Secure adapter and cable well

Massage Seat Mat Massage Mat Multifunction Pad 3 Travel better with a massage seat pad for the car

However, a massage seat cover requires a separate power supply. This is made with the help of an adapter. This adapter enables connection to the cigarette lighter. Make sure that the cables that lead from the cigarette lighter to the massage seat cover are neatly laid and do not interfere with driving. If this is not the case, there is a risk of the feet getting caught in the cables. And that can lead to an accident. In addition to the use of cable ties for fixing the cables, special cable channels are also recommended.

When recommended?

A massage seat cover can be recommended especially for long car journeys. Because back and neck are particularly heavily burdened by sitting for a long time. Thanks to the massage cushion, you arrive at your destination a little more relaxed. Such a massage seat cover should only be used if you are not already starting to get tired. Because a pleasant massage while driving can have such a relaxing effect that the massage can quickly put you to sleep. So, do not forget the coffee break! A too high (rotating) level should also not be selected when driving. Because the rotating movements can easily lead to distraction. Thanks to the almost always integrated heat function that these cushions offer, seat cushions for massage can be used especially in older cars that do not have heated seats. The massage seat cover can replace it wonderfully and is very pleasant, especially on long car trips in the cold winter months. Of course, massage seat cushions with extra-flexible massage heads in the lower back area, especially for the legs or in the neck area, cannot release existing tension precisely. One should not expect miracles from such a part. The massage seat covers provide relief during the car journey.

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Massage Seat Mat Massage Mat Multifunction Pad 4 Travel better with a massage seat pad for the car

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