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What is the MirrorLink system and what can it do in the car?

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MirrorLink Interface MHL retrofitting Tuning 1 What is the MirrorLink system and what can it do in the car?

If you want to connect your smartphone to the car, for example to use multimedia applications or make calls, you need a so-called MirrorLink system. The MirrorLink system exists alongside Apple's carplay and googles Android Auto and a compatible boot / auto AV device is required for the application. Furthermore, the smartphone should of course also be compatible with the MirrorLink system. The task is to integrate the Android smartphone perfectly into the car.

MirrorLink - mirroring the display and more

MirrorLink Interface MHL retrofitting Tuning 2 What is the MirrorLink system and what can it do in the car?

MirrorLink is a term that already reflects the function of the system. Mirror stands for mirror and Link is used as a term for a technical connection. The MirrorLink system is used to mirror a technical platform. It enables a smartphone to be connected to a boot / car AV receiver. This enables the user of the system to take calls in his car, use multimedia applications or simply play the music on the smartphone via the vehicle.

MirrorLink System - interesting for older vehicles

MirrorLink Interface MHL retrofitting Tuning 3 What is the MirrorLink system and what can it do in the car?

The MirrorLink system is quite interesting and affordable as a retrofit kit for older vehicles. Modern cars often have an already integrated system that enables a smartphone connection via Bluetooth. In this way, calls can be made directly from the vehicle. The SIM of the smartphone is used for this. It is therefore important to note that billing of calls is also carried out via the mobile service provider. If the systems are used, for example, to use music from an online provider, data volumes may arise. In any case, the cost factor should be considered when connecting a smartphone to auto link systems. Older vehicles generally do not have factory-installed technology for connecting the smartphone. Here, however, the year of manufacture and the vehicle type / manufacturer are very important. MirrorLink can be used with a compatible boot / car AV receiver and a smartphone that is suitable for connection in older vehicles, but by retrofitting. The system is interesting for people who want to technically bring their vehicle into the modern age.

Connection for safe navigation

The MirrorLink system can also be used for navigation, provided it is compatible. Depending on the smartphone and navigation program, the screen can be mirrored and audio navigation can be carried out via the integrated boat / car AV receiver system (the loudspeakers in the vehicle). The technology is intended to ensure navigation that is as safe as possible. CD changers and cassette radios are definitely old technology. With MirrorLink, a vehicle can be connected to the smartphone and the driver can listen to the desired MP3 / MP4 music through the car's speakers.

MirrorLink - note system compatibility

If you want to modernize your vehicle with the MirrorLink system, you should pay attention to the correct system compatibility. Not every vehicle and not every smartphone can be used with the MirrorLink system. However, the system compatibility should be listed on the manufacturer's website of the MirrorLink system. There is also a list of compatible smartphones (as of 07.2020). In general, a boot / auto AV receiver system is required to use the MirrorLink system. MirrorLink offers interested tuners the option of connecting an older vehicle directly to their smartphone or expanding a newer model with even more functions.

summarized information about the MirrorLink system:

  • should integrate Android smartphones into the car
  • as App-Connect function in addition to Apple Carplay, Android Auto and Co.
  • Operation mainly via the vehicle's touchscreen
  • depending on the vehicle, partially restricted functions (Google Maps may not be usable for navigation, no voice control, etc.)
  • Mirrorlink is intended to transfer Android functions such as telephony, navigation, music apps and voice control from the smartphone from e.g. Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony or Google to the car
  • Operation via screen or steering wheel buttons possible
  • The smartphone has computing power, so it should be connected to a 12-volt socket
  • The screen and loudspeaker from the car are used for output
  • Android apps view is optimized for display in the car

Retrofitting options

Mirrorlink can be retrofitted relatively inexpensively. Several systems are suitable for this, such as the Sony XAV 602BT moniceiver. But basically you have to say that Mirrorlink only works with a few devices. Regarding car radios, 2-DIN (Double DIN) Be devices. Well-known providers are Alpine, JVC, Pioneer or Sony. Individual devices can also be retrofitted using a Mirrorlink adapter. However, if you have bought the radio, you should bear in mind that the compatibility list of smartphones is not necessarily versatile. Mirrorlink-compatible smartphones are currently available from LG, Nokia, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony. Here, too, the mobile phone is connected to the car radio using a USB cable and the "Mirrorlink" function can then be selected on the radio display. Various apps that only work in portrait mode are barely readable or usable by the radio in landscape mode of the screen. And many apps only run when stationary, so the handbrake is applied. If you want to use the apps while driving, grounding the cable, which is actually intended for connection to the handbrake, is an option. And if only the passenger uses the smartphone functions while driving, that's all OK.

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