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Tuning modifications lighting

Tuning: Modifications to the lighting are very popular in tuning. They do not cost much and almost always produce a high effect. However, not everything is allowed here that pleases. A reputable workshop will only make modifications to the lighting, which the approval do not endanger.

Tuning modifications taillights LED 1
popular, but often prohibited without additional reflectors - black taillights

What modifications to the lighting are there?

The list of possible modifications to the lighting is long. Amongst others, the following changes or additions are possible:

  • Front headlamp replacements - Replacement models have parking light rings and / or clear glass lenses
  • Use of LED taillights
  • Color filter for the bulbs
  • "Bad look": Here, the hood protrudes over the
  • Front headlights, which makes the front end appear more aggressive.
  • additional lights
Tuning Modifications Lighting BMW Angel Eyes
not allowed - colorful daytime running lights

What should be considered when modifying the lighting?

The lighting on or in the car must not violate the provisions of the StVZO. Although the individual light is very chic, but it could affect traffic safety. Some of the additional lights, which are available online from dubious manufacturers in China and that the driver can install himself, may not be approved. The brighter interior lighting is part of it, if it shines too much outward. The dashboard lighting must also not dazzle the driver or other road users. The interior lighting has to go out in principle when closing the car door, violations are punishable with a Verwarngeld. Furthermore, the components used must have an approval.

Tuning modifications lighting illegal
much too bright - this lighting would be forbidden while driving

That can be one ECE approval Otherwise, the vehicle must be the examiner and a individual acceptance be made. For example, bright neon tubes and LED light chains are not allowed. Even some brake light arrangements according to US model does not allow the German StVZO, some imported cars must therefore even be rebuilt. In addition, in Germany and Europe always: Headlamps in front and reversing lights shine white, taillights and brake lights red, turn signal yellow, A Unterbodenbeleuchtung is not allowed. These rules do not apply in the same way in other states. Especially in the US cars can shine quite colorful in all directions.

What are allowed modifications to the lighting?

The following rules apply to external auxiliary lights: They must not be mounted individually; they must always be a symmetrical pair. Furthermore, both headlamps must be positioned at the same height, their lighting range must be adjustable, a cleaning system on the headlamp is mandatory. On the cockpit faucet "retrofits" are allowed, which are simply exchanged for the original faucet veneer and allow the light bulb attachment on the same base. The speedometer may receive LED lighting, the footwell an LED ambience kit (Manufacturer eg. Osram). You can find more information about the legal regulations in the following article, This sets the interior beautifully by a surface light and flexible light guide with individually adjustable colors in scene. This set is used to illuminate the footwell and inside of the door. By the way: You can find out which penalties threaten in the event of incorrectly activated or not activated lighting in our large article onLights on the car: function, regulations, fines“Read.

Matrix LED headlight tuning

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