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No boredom in the back seat with monitor headrests

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Monitor headrests tuning No boredom in the back seat with monitor headrests

How do you keep the passengers in the back seat busy? The answer is clear; with multimedia. The smaller passengers in particular are kept calm by exciting films over long distances, so that no nerves have to be strained during the entire journey. Getting the cinema into the vehicle is quite easy and possible in many ways; one possibility would be tablets, a laptop or the smartphone. The advantage of these devices is that they enable everything - you can simultaneously enable a monitor, game console, film archive and, with a cellular card with Internet access, mobile surfing. The disadvantage is that the tablets are quite expensive and don't play DVDs. If you want to attach tablets, there are enough holders on the market. And there comes the next disadvantage; the whole thing is quite fiddly and makes getting in and out difficult. And it is often not optically beautiful either.

DVD player with monitor

Monitor headrests Tuning 2 No boredom in the back seat with monitor headrests

Another option are monitors including a DVD player. These solutions can be fixed in the headrests or on the headliner. Newer devices can even play media from other storage technologies. SD cards and USB sticks are common here. You can even connect game consoles to most devices. And the devices are actually quite cheap; you can get them for less than 100 euros. Attaching it to the headliner or the back seat doesn't look really elegant either; Monitors in the headrests are aesthetically more beautiful, as can also be seen ex works in vehicles such as a BMW 3, 5 or 7 Series. Audi, Mercedes, Lexus & Co. also have additional headrests with monitors at the start. There are of course numerous solutions in the accessories. For example, there are simple variants for 110-130 euros, but there are hardly any upper limits.

chic and cheap options from the accessories

Monitor headrests Tuning 3 No boredom in the back seat with monitor headrests

Such a headrest monitor set includes two screens and two remote controls, of course, mounting hardware and the necessary electrical wiring. The number of parts is very clear. The headrests are almost always made of imitation leather and available in black, beige, gray or even white. If one can believe the many experiences in the net believe leaves even a cheap set already a good first impression. The users speak of the fact that the front sides of the headrests are very soft and feel noble. The seams are processed in most cases quite clean. But a weak point is often the keys, which according to users almost always feel cheap. The headrests should fit according to the manufacturer in most vehicles, by moving spars, they can be adjusted. When moving the spars, the metal bars move synchronously, so that always a central alignment of the head restraints takes place. And many of the headrest monitors also come with different spacers. You should compensate for a too large headrest receptacle of the seat. In any case, you have to make sure that the play between headrests and seat is not too big. The headrests must not wobble but must be firmly installed. Many of the monitors are equipped with a cinch cable connection or an HDMI connection. For a Playstation, for example, the HDMI connection is the better choice. The most important criterion is the ABE. A general operating permit should be available. If that is not the case you have to accept the reviewer and the conversion. The costs are out of proportion.

these are the characteristics of modern systems

Monitor headrests Tuning 4 e1560411831694 No boredom in the back seat with monitor headrests

  • Connecting a DVD player with DVB-T2
  • Gaming Support
  • Connection for the smartphone to play smartphone games on the headrest monitor
  • good speakers and connection for the headphones (also via Bluetooth)
  • AVI, MP3, MP4, JPEG, MOV etc. compatible
  • USB ports, SD card slot
  • Display size at least 7 to 9 inches
  • high screen resolution
  • flexible monitors (for adjustable viewing angle)
  • easy attachment of the headrest
  • Radio transmitter for connecting the audio signals to the car radio
  • Battery or power connection (good battery life)
  • Remote Control

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