Light vehicles / moped cars: risks and benefits!

Compared with classic cars are Light vehicles clear smaller and lighter. For the cars will not necessarily TÜV needed and also the Car driver's license is not absolutely necessary. The keep is though günstiger, but there are too high security risks available! Many believe that there is no car in Germany that driven tax-free can be that never have to go to the TÜV and what for not necessarily the driver's license is needed. But there are these cars and there are also young people with the Moped driving license class AM can drive this. There are, however, reasons why the cars are rarely seen on the streets.

What exactly are light vehicles?

The small vehicles are also called Moped cars and they travel a maximum of 45 kilometers per hour. It's just one small insurance number appropriate and from the age of 16 you can drive the cars with the moped driving license. And as part of a pilot project, this is possible Thuringia, Saxony-Anhalt and Saxony already from the age of 15 years. Teenagers are among the target audience Light version, because after all, mobile freedom can hardly be waited for. However, the vehicles are also for disabled people interesting which not the normal Car driver's license have or for the elderly Umsteiger.

Because the vehicles are small, they are suitable for cities in which Lack of parking space prevails. And the Transportation of purchases is also better possible with it than with one Moped, moped or bicycle. Everyone is in front of the car Cold and rain protected and the vehicles even have one, depending on the model Air conditioning, sat nav or a car radio with Hard drive and speakerphone. Due to the 45 km/h top speed but the cars are allowed not on the expressway or highway. But otherwise they can Moped cars can be moved where normal cars drive.

high purchase price but cheap maintenance

Many of the models only need per 100 kilometers almost three liters of fuel and that's why they are Maintenance costs low. And the regular ones are omitted General inspections and Taxes, And also Electric variants there are already some that can be plugged into the socket at home. Self Small vans and pickup variants can you buy. Incidentally, the moped cars are driven much more frequently in southern European countries. Well-known brands are from Italy casalini and from France JDM, Microcar, Ligier and Aixam.

The partly stylish models look like a grown-up small car and at first glance it is a Smart ForTwo neither bigger nor more valuable. But only at first glance! In Germany the small cars are still there exotics According to industry estimates, only around 1.000 to 2.000 new light vehicles are registered each year. As the cars no real approval need, there are few concrete figures. The question, of course, is why Car light is not in demand with the many advantages? First of all, the purchase price because the cars are only available from around 8.000 euros. For that there is already real cars. Even 15.000 Euros and you can pay more. A current one Ligier JS 60L Chic DCI (Model 2021) costs incredible 18.000 Euros. There is one for that VW T Cross, an Skoda Kamiq , or Hyundai i30. For young people, cars are therefore usually only an alternative to mopeds as used affordable. And there are hardly any!

Security should be considered

And also the Safety is a problem. Road users do not expect the vehicles so slow are because they partly like full-fledged cars look. This can lead to dangerous situations, especially on the country road. The moped cars are with 45 Km / h after all, a real traffic obstacle like a tractor. Dangerous Rear-end collisions oder aber Overtaking maneuvers are provoked by it. And the light cars are especially dangerous for the occupants, because even if the bodies are any Weatherproof offer, so are they hardly crash-proof. After various crash tests Euro NCAP standard partially showed dramatic injuries at accidents. Compared to modern small cars, the safety level of light vehicles is significantly worse. Unfortunately, crash tests are for manufacturers not mandatory and so the cars can be put on the market without such checks.

The safety compared to a normal car

A few years ago, the ADAC approved all models tested a high risk of injury detected. Similar results were found in accident research carried out by various insurers. The level of security is clear below that of normal small cars. Roughly the level can with that compared to motorcycles become. Buyer and driver should take this into account when making a purchase decision. Compared to the moped, however, there is a light vehicle some crumple zone and you are with it too more visible. However, the other road users often take the vehicles not as light vehicles true. The speeds of normal cars are calculated and compared to the moped driver is also mostly less consideration. A dangerous mix!

The driving pleasure also suffers extremely!

Novice drivers can often due to of inexperience conjure up dicey situations and should therefore better protected be. But when it comes to security there is unfortunately many differences depending on the manufacturer. Some offer standards that are available in normal small cars and belong to them Aluminum chassis, airbags and ABS. Unfortunately, this is not the case with all vehicles. Everyone has to decide for themselves whether the compromises in terms of safety will be accepted and whether a person will too without a driver's license want to be mobile. Everyone has to consider whether 45 km/h as top speed really make sense in today's traffic.

better buy an ellenator

It should definitely be a vehicle that without Car driver's license may be driven, then there is the alternative of the so-called Ellenator vehicles. These are normal small cars like a Fiat 500, a VW Polo or a Seat Ibiza that are special rebuilt and are also throttled to 45 kilometers per hour. Depending on the driver's license, there is also other top speed limits. Such vehicles have the advantage more complete small car to be with complete equipment, but still as a Traffic obstruction can be viewed in traffic. But at least one in the format of one real small car. More about the Ellenator vehicles can be found in our article "Ellenator vehicles - everything you need to know for the conversion!".

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