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What are so-called multi-part rims for the car?

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Porsche Panamera ANRKY Wheels AN34 Tuning 1 What are so-called multi-part rims for the car?

A popular element that is often upgraded in the tuning scene are the rims. The "shoes" for the car give the vehicle a special look and are often the absolute highlight of the modifications. Some very unusual designs are available ex works, but this is often not enough for tuning fans. In addition to the colors, the shape of the spokes and of course the dimensions of the wheel can be selected very individually. As is usual, however, tuning is not always a pure look, but also optimization of the technology, which is not visually recognizable. But when looking for suitable rims, you come across terms like forged wheels, multi-piece rims, Cast rims, Flowforming or flow forged no longer over. You have to choose! Tip: New rims for the car? It is important to pay attention to this before buying!

More performance through multi-part rims?

Rasser Tacho What are so-called multi-part rims for the car?

How can you optimize the technology with rims? Very easily; by using multi-part rims, for example. One-piece rims are made using a mold and are therefore in one piece and relatively simple. In the case of multi-part rims, the wheel disc and the rim support are manufactured separately and then connected to one another. The advantages are obvious: In addition to weight optimization, the rims can be individually adapted to the driving profile and the vehicle. The individual elements are welded or screwed together. You even have the option of flexibly adapting the rims in advance depending on the axle and side of the vehicle.

Tip: New wheelset planned? Our Tire calculator says if it fits!

Bolted multi-part rims can even be adjusted again and again if necessary. Even if new rubbers have to be put on, this is sometimes easier and faster. With less weight and significantly better coordination with road and driving conditions, performance and power transmission are also significantly optimized.

multi-part rims as the ultimate

multi-piece rims body e1591161354821 What are so-called multi-piece rims for the car?

In addition to the improved technology, a multi-part rim is also more flexible in design. The fact that the star and wheel hub are specially manufactured means that there are almost no limits to the look. The individual elements are forged and can even be painted better. A mix of colors such as chrome and gold makes the hearts of many tuning specialists beat faster. By manufacturing by means of forging processes, better strength values ​​of the rims can be achieved. Cleaning after a wheel change can also be carried out more easily, since the individual elements can be dismantled if necessary. Finally, one very important advantage should not be forgotten: If the wheel bowl is damaged because it has been hit, for example, then the entire rim does not have to be replaced. You only have to disassemble the rim and can leave the supporting star in place. This saves money if you have to replace the rim for damage.

Typing by multi-part rims necessary?

TÜV Tuev Dekra test center KÜS Tuning What are so-called multi-part rims for the car?

As long as the dealer is allowed to sell the rims and they are approved for road traffic, you do not have to worry because then an expert opinion for the registration should also be included. Multi-part rims can therefore be mounted on the vehicle and with the papers an entry is usually possible without any problems.

the most important information summarized

As a rule, rims can be one-piece, two-piece or three-piece. A one-piece rim is cast in one piece, a two-piece rim usually consists of a front and rear wheel disc with rim support star, and three-digit rims are composed of different components. The multi-part rims were previously reserved for racing and designed so that they were lighter than standard wheels and could be flexibly adjusted. The multi-part rim also made it onto the road after racing. The components of the multi-part rims are made from different materials. These can be combined with each other. Multi-pieces are coated harder and still lighter.

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Slammed Lamborghini Diablo rad48 turbofans rims 9 What are so-called multi-part rims for the car?

Properties of multi-part rims:

  • Manufacturing process of rims in general: Gravity casting, low pressure casting, flow pressing process
  • multi-part rims are made of two or three elements (Part in the middle, wheel disc, wheel flange - the parts are welded togethert)
  • Multiple units are designed according to different techniques (Part in the middle can be forged or cast)
  • In the case of three-part rims, the wheel disc can be made of aluminum or a magnesium alloy
  • Tires do not have to be pulled over the rim flange during installation (Individual bowls on the left and right can be screwed to the tires)
  • Multiple dividers offer greater strength, are more compact and lighter
  • They offer more flexibility
  • they are particularly suitable for vehicles with unusual wheel / tire dimensions
  • if damaged, only the defective part of the rim can be replaced
  • Production: During the forging process, the aluminum is deformed under pressure using tools
  • Forged wheels are significantly more expensive and can be considered a luxury product

Restomod Porsche 911 Coupe STRAAT Automobile Tuning 17 What are so-called multi-part rims for the car?

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Stable and light: Flowforming rims for the vehicle!

Flowforming rims manufacturing process tuning 3 e1591068771946 310x165 What are so-called multi-part rims for the car?

VDAT - what is it? Tasks and objectives

VDAT Emblem Logo 310x165 What are so-called multi-part rims for the car?

The cheapest variant of the rims: these are cast rims!

Cast rims Flow forged rims Difference e1591072145706 310x165 What are so-called multi-part rims for the car?

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