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Are narrow-gauge tires actually relevant for cars?

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Narrow-gauge tires tractor tuning car 1 Are narrow-gauge tires actually relevant for cars?

The term narrow-gauge tires is used more in the bicycle sector and describes particularly narrow tires that are, for example, only 18 to 22 mm wide. In the case of motor vehicles, the term narrow-gauge tires is used more in connection with agricultural vehicles. There are so-called narrow-track tractors that need suitable tires for their purposes. Narrow-gauge tires or "Narrow gauge tires“Can also be used as a term for the tires of such narrow-track tractors. In the tuning area, the term narrow-gauge tires does not appear, or if so only as a joke. For example, if a small vehicle has particularly narrow tires in the format 135 or 145 × ***. People like to say asphalt cutter. A distinction is made between narrow and wide tires. The question of whether narrow or wide tires make sense is also interesting for racing and road traffic.

Wide or narrow tires?

Wide tires Narrow track tires Are narrow track tires actually relevant for cars?

Wider tires are more expensive than narrow tires, but wide tires look much better, especially on tuning vehicles. But is there a big difference in the driving characteristics of wide and narrow tires? And which tire width is characterized as wide? With the Golf I in 1974 at the latest the breitler 195/50 R 15 V tires on 15 inch rims are known for wider tires. The tire variants have become more and more popular over the years and are trendy. Even with new cars, tire widths of 255 and more millimeters are no longer uncommon.

What are the technical reasons for wide tires?

BRABUS Rocket 900 ONE OF TEN Mercedes AMG GT 63 X 290 Tuning 45 Are narrow-gauge tires actually relevant for cars?

The vehicles have become heavier and faster at the same time over the years. Wide tires are often used in order to have a good track position in curves. With the increasing diameter of the tires, the brake discs have also become larger. There is much more to be said for wide tires in road traffic than for narrow tires. The properties are explained in more detail below.

Narrow and wide tires - characteristics

Compared to narrow tires, wide tires have better grip. There is simply more rubber on the road and that increases the grip. Furthermore, wide tires almost always have lower flanks and lead to better cornering and more stable handling on dry roads. If there is a blanket of snow on the road, then wide tires with good lateral guidance are convincing. Narrow tires, on the other hand, are advantageous in deep snow and mud. With wide tires, the risk of slipping in deep snow and mud is greater than with narrow tires. If the surface of the road is wet, wide tires provide better grip.

Narrow tires are not commonly used in road traffic

Narrow gauge tires tractor tuning car e1603443328507 Are narrow gauge tires actually relevant for cars?

Wide tires remain in trend and it does not look like narrow tires will prevail, especially in the tuning area. Although smaller electric vehicles are currently being delivered with narrow tires in order to save electricity, it can be assumed that this trend will be negligible with the further development of e-technology. Premium vehicles with e-drives like the Tesla Model S are already being delivered with wide slippers. Narrow gauge tires are more likely to be used in agriculture and bicycles, or perhaps some motorcycles Reserved. However, anyone who frequently drives routes in snow or mud should seek advice on the advantages of narrow tires.

Narrow-gauge tires Tractor Tuning Auto 1 1 Are narrow-gauge tires actually relevant for cars?
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