Tried and tested: NASIOL NL272 Ceramic coating for the paint

NASIOL ZR53 Ceramic Coating Test Experience 20 2 Tried and tested: NASIOL NL272 Ceramic coating for the paint


It's been a month since we found out about the Ceramic coating reported by Nasiol, And of course we also wanted to try out the ultra-hard nano-coating for all car paints ourselves and received a complete set of NASIOL NL272, which is practically the Mercedes in the NASIOL range. Thanks to Nasiol! The test object was again our VW Phaeton and our Audi A3, which only recently Plastic Plate (both vehicles) as well as one Solarplexius lens tint (A3) were provided. So now a little "cure" for the paint. The scope of delivery includes two polishes (Nasiol CleaRub 305 coarse & 505 fine), 1 x Nasiol Clean cleaner, some microfiber cloths and of course the NL272 Ultimate Protection Performance Car Ceramic Sealant (50ml) with the corresponding pads for application.

NASIOL ZR53 Ceramic Coating Test Experience 12 Tried and tested: NASIOL NL272 Ceramic coating for the paint
test objects

For the sake of fairness, however, we would like to mention that our Phaeton only recently became one paint treatment received and therefore, in principle, already provided an above-average paint surface. We therefore only have the complete vehicle again with the CleaRub 505 polished to create the recommended base for ceramic coating. But that wasn't really necessary either. Different with the Audi A3: This one was first completed by us with the CleaRub 305 treated and finally with the 505 re-polished. The A3 had not received any paint treatment in recent years and applying the NL272 to this vehicle would have been absolutely senseless without paint preparation.

NASIOL ZR53 Ceramic Coating Test Experience 24 Tried and tested: NASIOL NL272 Ceramic coating for the paint
left 305 (coarse) & right 505 (fine)

NASIOL ZR53 Ceramic Coating Test Experiences 25 e1530529406181 Tried and tested: NASIOL NL272 Ceramic coating for the paint

With the 305 we refreshed the entire body of the A3 according to the instructions and with the Phaeton we used the rough version for areas that were not really noticed at the time, such as the door handle recesses. We also took care of this and helped it to achieve a new shine with the 305 and the supplied cloths. Incidentally, both polishes can be processed excellently and convince with their productivity. Coarse scratches were removed without residue and the finer 505 effortlessly closes the pores and fine grooves. If a vehicle is prepared with the supplied polish, this is definitely the optimal basis for the later ceramic coating. On the A3 we have an electric polishing machine (from HP Auto Accessories) which was not necessary with the already prepared Phaeton. After both vehicles were completed, we were able to record a loss of around 200 ml per bottle, which is absolutely justified in view of the large Phaeton and the previously completely untreated A3.

no paint tutorial

Nevertheless, our report should be should not As a classic tutorial for paint preparation, but only show the recommended order to the Nasiol NL272 Nano Layer Ceramic Coating to be able to apply when the paint is no longer the best. We would still like to show you a small example of the effectiveness of the polish. The plastic cover of the rear lights of the Phaeton has become quite dull over the years and depending on the light, a lot of scratches could be seen (see red frame in the left picture below). Reason enough to apply the polish here in the appropriate order. We only did this by hand and still achieved a result that is impressive. The scratches have COMPLETELY disappeared and the rear lights have a really rich RED.

After both cars were finished with the NASIOL polish, we started to remove any remains, especially in the beads and edges, and then it was time to apply the NL272 coating. But we have to mention that a new paintwork does not necessarily have to be completely refurbished with polish. If the paint is in good condition, you should only make sure that the surface is free of dust, dirt, oil or water. Before that, we “disinfected” both vehicles with the supplied NASIOL Clean cleaner to ensure an absolutely clean and residue-free surface. One should always because only then can the coating play out its full properties.

NASIOL ZR53 Ceramic Coating Test Experience 7 Tried and tested: NASIOL NL272 Ceramic coating for the paint

according to NASIOL, the nano layer 272 is the master of all nano coatings

NASIOL ZR53 Ceramic Coating Test Experience 8 Tried and tested: NASIOL NL272 Ceramic coating for the paint

Once the preparations have been made, applying the Nasiol NL272 is not really more difficult than applying a commercially available wax. The included pads have an embossed location on the back for the absorption of the liquid and it is only important to ensure that the body is only gradually processed. In other words, the NL272 is applied to 50% of the bonnet and, after a minimal exposure time, is polished with the included microfiber cloths like a conventional wax without streaks. This process is continued for the entire vehicle and work is carried out in stages (fenders, doors, side walls, roof, tailgate, etc.) to have the entire vehicle treated with Nasiol NL272. And as with almost all other waxes, polishes, etc., care should also be taken here not to carry out the application in the sun, but in a shady place or preferably in a hall, garage, etc. If the entire vehicle is treated, you should ensure that no dirt, rain, water or wax gets on the body for at least 48 hours. After 48 hours the NL272 is completely hardened and ready for use.

not the most important property, but still good to know - Water pearls off perfectly

Nasiol confidently claims:

  • compared to ALL other nano-car ceramic coatings on the market, NASIOL NL272 is -> 3 times stronger
  • TÜV certified
  • high water repellency
  • ensures self-cleaning effect
  • keeps the car clean longer
  • chemical resistance from ph1 to ph13
  • protects the paint from bird droppings, tree resin, harsh detergents, salt, etc.
  • is also suitable for headlights, hard plastic covers, etc.
  • Shelf life under "normal" conditions (-20 ° C to + 35 ° C / pH <12) approx. 5 years or 300 washes
  • Shelf life under "tough" conditions (-40 ° C to + 40 ° C / pH> 12) approx. 3 years or 180 washes

a few pictures

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Cross the various steps

helpful videos

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