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Driving a car today has many technical aids. And for several decades, this includes navigation devices. Whoever drives older car models or does not want to pay a hefty surcharge when buying a car refits a navigation device. Because they are standard equipment, they are far from being in every vehicle. But what possibilities are there and what are the advantages and disadvantages of this? In the following text you will be answered these questions.

Types of navigation devices?

Pioneer AVIC EVO1 OC1 MTB Skoda Octavia 2

Of course there are the simple variants. These are attached to the windshield with a suction cup in a convenient location and fulfill the simple purpose: the route guidance! Sometimes just a smartphone with the corresponding navigation app and is sufficient a holder for the car, As a rule, the apps can be expanded extensively and are often in no way inferior to the fixed devices. That can with one Speed ​​camera detector or with a traffic jam warning system. However, the car manufacturers have reacted to the trend with the smartphone and have developed vehicle-specific built-in devices that can also be upgraded with various apps & Co. The factory car radio is then exchanged for a navigation system. Sometimes the GPS navigation device can also be linked to a steering wheel control. That makes it a lot easier to use.

Navigation device GPS retrofit tuning steering wheel buttons

Touch screens and full speech input are also trendy. Particularly advanced is the retrofitting with a special rearview mirrorwhich has integrated Bluetooth and a GPS navigation device. This means that the gaze no longer has to be turned to one side, but simply onto the mirror to see the route on the map. This promises increased road safety due to the routine of the rear-view mirror. Furthermore, a coupling with the smartphone via Bluetooth is possible. So there are many ways to retrofit a GPS navigation device. Certainly, the decision is also a matter of money.

Which legal regulations have to be observed

Blitzerapp radar detector legal provision 3

Before you make the choice, you should know that apps and other devices with a speed camera detector / radar detector may not be used in Germany. The active use during the ride can be sanctioned with 75 EUR and a point in Flensburg. In addition, one should make sure when buying that the device does not distract you from the traffic. According to § 23 StVO, therefore, in spite of the navigation device, the safe driving of the vehicle must be ensured at all times.

What advantages / disadvantages do the individual devices have?

In general, you should choose a GPS navigation device, which you can operate well and safely and which complies with the legal requirements. A navigation device with voice control is suitable in any case. Have you picked out such devices, you can compare prices. Certainly, the variants with the smartphone or portable devices are the cheapest solution. Nevertheless, these types of navigation devices can be inaccurate. Sometimes the timeliness of the map material is not always given here. Here, the higher-priced devices can bring benefits. Many reputable manufacturers of the more expensive devices offer regular updates. You should compare all devices that are suitable for you.

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