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Hot thing - refuel the vehicle with nitromethane!

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top fuel dragster in lamborghini Hot stuff refuel the vehicle with nitromethane!

Driving a car with nitromethane is not recommended. Nitromethane is not unknown as a fuel. So nitromethane is still used today, namely in racing. And finally, nitromethane is also used as a fuel in RC model making. The special thing about this fuel is that it significantly improves engine performance. The nitromethane leads to a significant increase in performance in the engine, which is why the fuel is also used in racing. The second property of nitromethane is engine cooling.

There are differences depending on the use

Nitromethane methanol fuel tuning e1577109322916 Hot stuff refuel the vehicle with nitromethane!

Depending on the use of nitromethane, this is not used as a pure fuel. Rather, it is a mixture that is used in racing. Here the mixture ratio consists of approx. 85 percent nitromethane and 15 percent methanol, Certainly the question arises why such a fuel cannot be used in a car engine in normal use. The answer to this is simple. Because the engine cannot use the nitromethane without damage. For example, there would be massive damage to the engine, such as the cylinders and the spark plugs. For this reason, nitromethane is not used as a normal fuel.

Nitromethane in a normal engine

If you were to play with the idea of ​​using nitromethane in a normal car, you would have to make extensive changes here. In addition to the cooling property for the engine, the nitromethane burns much hotter. A normal engine in a car is not designed for such hot combustion. The damage already described would then quickly occur. A lot of work would be necessary here for a conversion. Such as a revision regarding the spark, The fuel lines, The Tank and actually everything that is somehow related to nitromethane. That also applies to the injection or carburettor, In addition to this work, one would also have to obtain approval for the use of nitromethane. Such a change is negligible for racing cars, as they do not need road approval. Due to the changes in a normal car, but also due to the fuel, a new approval by a test organization is required. Whether you get one is rather questionable or is virtually impossible. Anyone who seriously plays with such a thought should consult an expert and a tuning workshop beforehand.

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Nitromethane Methanol Sprit Tuning 2 Hot stuff refuel the vehicle with nitromethane!

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Not just in the truck
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Tachograph tachograph logbook 2 310x165 Hot stuff refuel the vehicle with nitromethane!

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2018 BMW M5 F90 MotoGP Safety Car Tuning 9 310x165 Hot stuff refuel the vehicle with nitromethane!

Central locking adapter - rare but there is one!

Central locking adapter center fastening 310x165 Hot stuff refuel the vehicle with nitromethane!

From a car to a tow truck - the possibilities!

Tow truck recovery vehicle 3 310x165 Hot stuff refuel the vehicle with nitromethane!

More power with a retrofitted terrain reduction

Bruder Offroad Camper EXP 4 EXP 6 Trailer 4 310x165 Hot stuff refuel the vehicle with nitromethane!

A convenient closing aid for retrofitting!

slamstop closing aid Softclose comfort lock% C3% 9Fen 4 e1577086335885 310x165 Hot stuff refuel the vehicle with nitromethane!

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