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Novice drivers should better avoid this!

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Novice drivers Tuning 3 Novice drivers should better (still) refrain from doing this!

Of course, anyone who has just received the small check card with the "flattering" passport photo should definitely refrain from exhausting the alcohol limit with just a sip of beer - it should be known that different rules apply to newbies than for veterans. However, there is still a lot beyond the stipulated legal requirements that new driver license holders with tuning ambitions should keep their hands off of, at least for the time being - both out of reason and for the sake of the wallet.


Novice drivers Tuning 4 Novice drivers should better (still) refrain from doing this!

Yes, exactly, the tuning blog advises you to buy your car can not be to tune. But that definitely has nothing to do with a sudden change of heart, but real reason:

  1. Many novice drivers have little or no screwdriver routine. Accordingly, you quickly tinker with things that don't work or anger the TÜV.
  2. The same applies to routine driving - an expensive front spoiler and painstakingly painted rocker panel are very painful if they are demolished due to a lack of steering routine.
  3. When tuning, it's very easy to get completely lost. If you don't have a routine, you will quickly find yourself in front of a completely dismantled front mask, even though you have to be at work in an hour.

The much better way: Leave your tuning hands off the daily driver and instead treat yourself to a deregistered, cheap hobbyist vehicle. It can be screwed on (learn) without pressure, it can be tried to your heart's content without the car having to be maintained or after each conversion (without ABE) having to be registered with the TÜV. After a few months or years, this can be done in one wash - and thanks to Daily Driver there is even an alternative for everyday use.


Polo, A-Class, 1 Series and Co., especially when used, are still described by many as ideal beginner cars. Nice and compact and you can find spare parts and workshops everywhere. That’s the theory.

Car insurance save costs Beginners should (still) do without this!

In practice, however, beginners should keep their hands off these typical beginner cars. The reason can be found in calculation practice of motor vehicle insurance: The more often a model has been sold and the more it is driven by beginners, the more often the insurers have to pay for accidents and the like. Many of these cars are correspondingly high in the type class - and thus one of those cost points that drivers can really adjust themselves.

Better: choose a rather atypical vehicle that cannot be found hundreds of thousands of times on the streets. This also often has advantages in terms of purchase price and sometimes the cost of replacement and tuning parts.


Another thing that novice drivers are often advised to do: a typical used vehicle with residual TÜV as a first vehicle. If there are scratches and dents, it won't hurt anyone. Perhaps that's true, but if you pay hundreds of thousands of kilometers less for your first car than for a brand new smartphone, you shouldn't expect the car to start every morning and stoically get through all tours.

Novice drivers Tuning 1 Novice drivers should better (still) refrain from doing this!

In practice, such vehicles (as daily drivers) not only cause a lot of trouble, they also cost huge sums of money in workshop costs. Better to spend a little more, keep your eyes and ears open when buying and take a car that only has to open the hood for inspections at least until the next TÜV appointment.


Once you have a few years of driving routine, other things often go hand in hand with it. You know good workshops, your friends and you yourself have experience with tow bars and ropes, maybe someone even has a car trailer with a BE driver's license or, thanks to improved professional standing, you treat yourself to a new car with a tow guarantee from the manufacturer.

Often there is none of this for young people with a fresh license. But because at that age you usually have more expenses than income, the euros that ACE, ADAC, AvD and Co. want annually for membership seem like easy-to-save money. Better not to think like that, because the first breakdown at night somewhere in the middle of nowhere is bound to come. And then it really pays off to be able to dial a number, give your membership number and wait for a professional tow truck.

It doesn't have to amount to lifelong membership, but in the first few years it really makes sense not to do without the automobile club.


In the life of every motorist - especially if their vehicle deviates from the standard condition - the moment comes when they see a person dressed in dark blue waving a red and white trowel. And always, even if three additional certificates are stapled to the vehicle papers for all the entries, you somehow feel caught.
Tuning experts know that they can easily survive such checks if they remain friendly, hand over vehicle documents and the folder with ABEs and other certificates and then relax and watch as the officials try to find details that do not comply with the regulations. "Bye, have a nice day" and it goes on.

Novice drivers Tuning 2 Novice drivers should better (still) refrain from doing this!

As a beginner, however, especially if you have really done nothing, you quickly get the feeling that you are wrongly suspected - why else should the “race management” wave you out? Having that feeling is okay. However, using it as an excuse to be snotty with the blue-clad is not okay. Most traffic controls have a quota to be met, some of which are waved out by chance and because the car and driver correspond to some characteristic.

Sure, that takes time and is annoying, but the officers usually can't help it. Therefore: Stay cool, answer truthfully and only with tuning work that has been approved or otherwise sanctioned. Then not even bad-tempered cops can say anything except "Have a good trip".


We want to be honest: Tuning and thrift are mutually exclusive. Sure, those who do the work themselves can save a lot - and present your car with us. But the material costs from the front spoiler lip to the coilover kit to the rear spoiler and all the tools are incurred anyway. And it is definitely not just things from the noble tuner that really go into the money. A branded coilover kit for the Golf 7? It starts at a good 1000 euros. That is already expensive individually, but in total it is less expensive. And a lot of tuning work builds on one another: coilovers and standard rims usually look modest. Just like a thick front apron with a standard rear bumper.

The temptation is particularly great for newbies to borrow money. Precisely because the monthly income is usually also low at that age. Our tip: As nice as tuning is, it is not something that should establish a career in debt. Many of them take years to perfect their cars anyway. During this period, the money for the necessary purchases can also be saved - without the Schufa score and Co. suffering, which are also required for other important steps at that age. For example for the first apartment including furnishings or the purchase of a decent basic vehicle.


It is hopefully known that legislators and the police have not only intensified but also punished the entire scene for several years thanks to the misconduct of some - and that the catalog will soon be tightened again. That alone should ensure a basic behavior: In public, tuners should drive as if the driver's license examiner were sitting next to them.

Trackday Rennstreckentag Racing day e1595914401962 Novice drivers should better avoid this!

However, there are still those places where it is possible to step on the gas legally. Track days on racetracks, for example. But even here newbies should exercise maximum restraint. Yes, even if you have already covered a few thousand kilometers:

  1. On such routes you drive at the limit. This is something completely different than on the street.
  2. The scene gathers on the occasion. That creates peer pressure, maybe even more spectacularly accelerate, to go into the curve than the man in front.
  3. Tuning is expensive and involves a lot of work.

To put it quite clearly: Nothing hurts more than throwing a car that has been lovingly built into the guardrail at the Nürburgring and Co. because you overestimated yourself - while thousands heard it yelling and whistling, keep the cell phone cameras on and the crash on YouTube and Co. will be recorded for eternity.

No, newcomers should leave the fun with tuned vehicles at trackdays to others - or just build a special vehicle for these moments, where the loss doesn't hurt as much as with a tuning car that has been put together with passion.

BMW E46 RB25DET Neo Nissan Motor Swap 9 Novice drivers should (still) do without this!

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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Tuning is
a good pastime!

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