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Is the oil control lamp lit or flashing? The reasons!

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Oil indicator Oil lamp lights up Is the oil control lamp lit or flashing? The reasons!

It is well known that internal combustion engines need to function properly Oil for lubrication. Without the oil, components such as cylinder liners and pistons would rub against each other. So if the Oil indicator light (also called oil lamp or oil pressure lamp) starts to increase when the engine is running flash or continuously to to shine, this points to one too low oil pressure down. In this case, the vehicle and the engine should be stopped immediately be switched off. If the journey continues with too little oil / oil pressure, the engine cannot be lubricated enough and a considerable damage to take. This almost always leads to an expensive repair and, in the worst case, even to the economic total loss. The following explains what causes the lamp to blink or light up.

Oil control lamp is activated

In most cases, the oil indicator light is a small one Oil can, next to the one Oil drop is shown. The lamp lights up depending on the vehicle Yellow or Red, where they too flashing red can. With active ignition and motor not switched on it lights up in red. When the engine is running, the oil pump builds up the correct oil pressure for operation. Therefore, the lamp may continue to shine for a short time, but then has to go out. In this way it can be ensured that the oil is circulating properly every time you drive. In the following video you can see the intact operation.

The reasons for a red glowing oil control lamp:

  • A defective oil pump - This is possible due to faults in the material or too long intervals when changing the oil
  • the oil suction strainer is blocked, this is possible due to foreign bodies in the oil that are detached, for example, from a moving part in the engine
  • the oil level is closed low or the oil is very alt

Defective oil pressure switch or oil pressure sensor

In order to determine the causes of a flashing oil pressure lamp, the vehicle should first be taken to a workshop. There will be a Oil pressure test performed. The oil pressure is checked in various areas of the engine speed range and compared with the normal values. Reading out the fault memory can also be helpful. After that, the cause must be eliminated.

Oil pressure sensor Oil pressure switch 190x171 Is the oil control lamp lit or flashing? The reasons!

Reasons for a yellow or orange glowing oil indicator light

In this case the light points to you oil level too low down. The oil level should be checked and then topped up. However, if the oil level is in accordance with the regulations, but the light is still active, then a defective oil level sensor may also come into question. When the oil control lamp lights up red should never continued, rather rinse stopped (insofar as the conditions permit) and the Engine stopped become. The vehicle should towed away and taken to a workshop. Otherwise there is a risk of an expensive one due to the low lubrication engine failure.

And another tip: The main inspection is indicated by a red indicator light can not be passed because the test cannot be carried out in full. If the control lamp lights up yellow, the engine oil is topped up and there is a short wait until the lamp is no longer active. The examination can then be continued.

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