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Defective oil filter Change engine oil e1630389998111 Everything you should know about oil filters! Our information ...

How does an oil filter work and how can it actually be replaced? In this article, we will not only explain the functions of an oil filter, but also show you how to use one Defekt recognize and replace the oil filter. The oil filter is part of the car's lubrication system. Included minimized the engine oil, through its lubrication, reduces the friction on the moving engine parts and in the turbocharger. However, even the best engine oil and an optimal lubricating film can cause wear not completely prevent itbecause there are extremely low tolerances in the engine. It comes from wear and tear always to the removal of the smallest metal particles, which later float in the oil.

How does the oil filter actually work?

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With regard to the metal particles mentioned, the oil filter comes into play. He sifts these out of the oil so that they don't look like sandpaper. So it is its main task Remove impurities from the engine oil, which increases the usability and durability of the parts and of the entire engine. But what types of oil filters are there? We basically differentiate between mechanical, magnetic, centrifugal and by means of Gravitation working oil filters. And which oil filter constructions are there? We differentiate between the oil filter constructions Cartridge and spin-on.

How is an oil filter constructed?

Mechanical oil filters are used particularly frequently. With these filters, the oil is pressed through a special paper, cloth or other material and cleaned in the process. The filter element lies in a housing with Nozzle return valve and a Bypass valve. About the Bypass valve the oil comes to the engine and the return valve prevents oil from entering the crankcase.

How long can oil filters be used?

You should about the oil filter 15.000 - 30.000 km with the Change engine oil. However, factors such as frequent starting and stopping, low temperatures, unsuitable fuels or dusty air can significantly reduce the service life of the oil filter and also of the engine oil reduce. If these factors come into play, the oil filter and the oil must be used earlier it will be exchanged. In general, nothing speaks against an early oil change with replacement of the oil filter. Particularly powerful vehicles should be meticulously cared for so that the sophisticated engines will work for a long time. Has an engine Chiptuning, modified turbocharger or receive other modifications, then the factory-set interval for oil changes should if possible from unterschrit will. The trusted tuner provides more information.

Why are there also signs of wear and tear on oil filters?

Oil filters show signs of wear and tear not only if the service life is too long, but also if the filter element starts to knock, the housing is damaged, the nozzles malfunction or inferior oil filters and incorrect types of oil are used. Incorrect installation, an exceeded service life or worn sealing elements can also lead to signs of wear.

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How can you recognize a defective oil filter?

You can recognize a defective oil filter, among other things:

  • if oil stains are found under the car after a long period of idle time
  • the oil pressure indicator lights up after the engine has started
  • the filter housing is swollen
  • the engine regularly overheats
  • the oil consumption increases significantly

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If you recognize these or comparable symptoms, you should definitely have an engine / vehicle check carried out on your car. If the problems are ignored, then a engine failure be the consequence. Often the engine damage is the end of the vehicle, since the repair in many cases the current value exceeds. Keyword "economic total loss"!

How do you recognize a problem with the oil filter?

The efficiency of the oil filter can be determined based on the symptoms already mentioned and be assessed by a superficial assessment. If you see damage to the filter housing, you should check whether the lubrication system or the motor is working properly. If this is not the case, the oil filter should be replaced. In general, an oil filter should be replaced if there is any suspicion that it has one Defekt owns. After all, a standard oil filter hardly costs more than € 10. But it can save the life of the engine!

How is the oil filter replaced?

Oil filters should be changed regularly and preferably in conjunction with the engine oil. You should plan around 30 minutes to change an oil filter. Of course, it always depends on the vehicle. Although the change does not take much time, it should still be carried out in the workshop, as the filters are full of oil and can be disposed of correctly in the workshop. Household waste is not suitable for disposal. In addition, small errors when changing the filter can quickly lead to malfunctions. Of course NUR High-quality oil filters from qualified manufacturers should be installed, that goes without saying.

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