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Oil pan and oil drain plug - tuning is possible!

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Oil pan oil drain plug tuning Oil pan and oil drain screw tuning is possible!

The engine and all associated components must always have sufficient oil. The oil lubricates the components so that the engine and its components are not damaged. Here especially with regard to the heat. Depending on the engine, the need for oil can be very different. An oil pump is installed in the vehicle so that the engine and its components have sufficient oil. The oil required for the pump comes from the oil pan.

for better performance

Oil pan, oil drain plug tuning 2 Oil pan and oil drain screw tuning is possible!

The oil pan in a car must be dimensioned so that the engine and its components always have fresh oil available. This is important, since the oil also transports the heat away and the oil pan is also responsible for cooling. This is very important with regard to the performance of the engine. The engine from the car can work all the better and more efficiently. But just when you want to tune the car and aim for a higher engine power, you have to consider the oil pump and, accordingly, the oil pan and maybe modify it. In addition to the heated oil that is absorbed by the oil pan, the oil pan has another function. It also takes care of defoaming the oil. The oil pan is located directly under the engine, more precisely below the crankcase. Oil sumps are available as standard depending on the model, but the existing oil sump can also be replaced by an improved one. For example with a larger oil pan.

Different models of the oil pan

Oil pan oil drain plug tuning 3 e1578380668118 oil pan and oil drain screw tuning is possible!

Depending on the model of the oil pan, it is either made of sheet metal or aluminum. The capacity is very different depending on the vehicle. The material of the oil pan is not insignificant, since of course the weight and the ability to dissipate heat are also connected. The advantage of an aluminum oil pan is that this material has a low weight. If you want to tune your car and want to replace the oil pan, it must of course fit the vehicle. It depends on the extent to which the ground clearance exists. Due to the position of the oil pan and insufficient ground clearance due to a strong Lowering, the vehicle may touch the wrong model. Damage and leakage of the oil pan are therefore almost inevitable. Protection offers here Underrun protection, When selecting the oil pan you have to pay attention to how high the oil pan is built. Incidentally, there is nothing legally necessary to consider when replacing the oil pan. No approval by the TÜV is required here.

Install suitable oil drain plug

If a new oil pan is installed, a corresponding oil drain screw must of course also be installed. It is best to use a variant that is magnetic. This has the advantage that the finest abrasion chips of the engine are attracted to the magnet and do not get into circulation again. This prevents increased engine wear. The magnetic oil drain plug removes the metal chips from the engine oil circuit and increases the service life of the engine. Even if the factory-fitted oil pan is installed, it is worth exchanging the oil drain plug for a magnetic one. It comes with a suitable seal and can easily be exchanged for the series screw. Only with a plastic oil pan should you check in advance whether the magnetic oil drain plug is suitable for installation.

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