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Iconic piece - back to the base with an old school rod!

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Old School Rod Cult part with an old school rod back to the base!

In the 1930s, a tuning culture emerged in the United States, whose members turned everyday cars into real racing machines. These cars have been optimized in weight, performance and driving dynamics to drive races on the road or in dry lakes. These vehicles were then Hot Rods mentioned, whereby the origin of the name is not clearly clarified. The so-called are a separate subspecies Old School Rodswhere the tuner is more traditional. It is based on the styles from the 40s to the 60s. Actually, one could even speak of a subspecies of traditional rods, because both types only use parts that were available when the basic vehicles appeared or are similar. Almost something like that nowadays OEM Tuning. If you want to build an old school rod, you should ignore a modern GRP body, because these are not considered. Only a steel body comes into question, but this can be changed at will if the classic shape does not suffer too much.

as subtle colors as possible

Old School Rod 2 Cult part with an old school rod back to the base!

As with the hot rod, the hood and fender can be omitted to draw attention to the essentials. With this type, all ideas are possible when painting, but simple, matt paints are the first choice. Sometimes you can see a rust-colored old school rod, which at first glance looks like a Rat Rod resembles. The hot rod, on the other hand, often shows bright colors that sometimes remind of the Hot Wheels Collection. If you stand in front of a bright pink hot rod, it is definitely not an old school rod.

Performance increase of course allowed

Old School Rod 3 Cult part with an old school rod back to the base!

A completely new motor can be installed to increase performance. An exception is often made and newer motors are used, such as a Buick nailhead 401. The Flatheads are often also found in the conversions. Flatheads are Ford V8 engines that were built in the United States from 1932 to 1953. A generator is often used instead of an alternator. In order to highlight the motors optically, they also get a new layer of paint, also in color. Other features are often red painted rims, mostly narrow Whitewall tires, pleated upholstery of the seats and a massive front axle.
The old school rods are not built for the racetrack, but for the street. This naturally limits creativity. If a vehicle has been approved for use on the road with mudguards, it is extremely difficult to obtain approval without wheel covers. The rules here are of course country-dependent, which makes approval easier in the USA than in Europe.

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Old School Rod 4 Cult part with an old school rod back to the base!

Below are a few examples from our tuning lexicon:

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New trend, new term? CDM tuning from China!

Chinese Domestic Market Tuning 310x165 Cult part with an old school rod back to the base!

No terrain too impassable with a tire pressure control system

Tire pressure control system Pressure control system pressure meter 2 310x165 Iconic part with an old school rod back to the base!

More ground clearance required, portal axis makes it possible!

Bolt On Portale Portalachse Kit 4 310x165 Cult part with an old school rod back to the base!

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