Ooono traffic alarm: speed camera / radar detector & traffic alarm!

Ooono Traffic Alert Radar Detector

Ooono is a small one Bluetooth devicethat in real time provides important information about the surrounding traffic. In addition to the Bluetooth device, an app for iOS and Android smartphones is available. The app informs and warns reliably and always up to date Speed ​​cameras, accident sites and other dangers on the traveled route. Through the steady Real-time update dangers can be pointed out more quickly than conventional traffic reports, for example. This enables drivers to react much more quickly and generously bypass the danger area. The Ooono traffic alarm records and warns permanently installed, but also before mobile Speed ​​camera systems.

What can the Ooono traffic alarm do?

The Ooono traffic alarm can be used in real time and warn of obstacles and dangerous situations in traffic, taking into account the current traffic situation. Drivers are timely and free of distraction from accidents and other critical traffic situations warned. This has the advantage that dangerous situations can be better assessed for road users. Your own driving behavior can be adjusted accordingly in advance by reducing the speed, among other things. The Ooono traffic indicator also warns you in good time mobile and permanently installed speed cameras. The reliable traffic updates are thanks to the cooperation with "" and "Traffihunter" possible. This enables Ooono to notify you of special traffic incidents in more than fifty countries.

Ooono traffic alarm radar detector real time

Installation of the Ooono traffic detector

To install the Ooono traffic alarm, the Bluetooth device is attached to the car with double-sided adhesive tape. It can be attached to a any place take place. The device then connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth, on which the Ooono app is installed. The app is available for iOS in the App Store and in the Play Store for Android smartphones. The setup of the app is self-explanatory.

Numerous settings can be made in the app, for example the Art the hazard warning that volume and the Distance of the warning signal. It is important that the installed app not must be open for the traffic alarm to work properly.

Ooono app smartphone

This is particularly useful when a vehicle is used by different drivers, as several smartphones can be set up for the same ooono. Of course, if there are several vehicles, there is also the option of connecting your own smartphone to several Ooono traffic detectors.

The Ooono traffic indicator in practice!

Before starting the journey, Ooono automatically connects to the smartphone and can then be used to the full extent right at the start of the journey. It is not It is necessary to start the app beforehand when getting into the car. This saves battery consumption considerably, which is particularly important on longer journeys. The driver does not have to do anything else to use it and is not unnecessarily distracted while driving, as Ooono automatically points out dangers in road traffic.

If you approach a speed camera, you will with one beep and the blue flashing of the Ooono Traffic Alert. And with a single press on the Ooono you can confirm the speed measurement and thus help the Ooono community. You are also warned of dangers in road traffic with a signal tone and a red light. You can then confirm this by pressing twice.

The legal side of the Ooono traffic detector

The §23 Abs. 1c StVO forbids the use of technical devices that serve to warn of speed cameras. In principle, such devices are allowed not can be used by the driver. The passenger is from this regulation, however exceptsystem. (Update: The legal situation for the passenger has changed. There is more information about this HERE) Since the Bluetooth device only works with a smartphone and the corresponding app, the Ooono is in traffic itself permitted. And the warning function for the speed cameras can also be switched off at any time. In principle, smartphones have to be used during a traffic control not be shown. This could make it difficult to prove the use of a speed camera warning.

Summary of the Ooono traffic alarm

The Ooono traffic alarm comes from Denmark and can help to avoid dangerous situations and speed cameras in road traffic to warn. The operation is kept simple and does not distract from the traffic while driving. For optimal use, however, it is necessary that the smartphone's Bluetooth function is active. In addition, the associated app must have been installed and set up. Then the Ooono traffic alarm is ready to use immediately. It is therefore not necessary to open the app or log in before starting the journey. From a legal point of view, each user of the traffic alarm has to decide for himself whether the warning function for speed cameras should be used.

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