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Legal: Osram now offers H7 bulbs with LED technology!

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Osram Night Breaker LED H7 LED bulb tuning retrofitting Legal: Osram now offers H7 bulbs with LED technology!

Not only because of the look, but above all because of the numerous advantages such as better visibility and visibility LED headlights More and more popular. In new vehicles they are often part of the standard equipment, which is why many owners of older cars would like to retrofit such headlights in order to see better and to be seen better. One possibility here is entire headlight modules from the manufacturer, provided there is an LED module for the vehicle ex works. An alternative is now legal Bulbs for retrofitting like the new H7 LED bulb from Osram as a so-called Retrofit LEDs. In addition to that, Osram has Xenarc Night Breaker Laser D3S Xenon torch another highlight at the start.

general information about the Osram H-7 LED bulb

Osram Night Breaker LED H7 LED Bulb Tuning Retrofitting 2 Legal: Osram now offers H7 bulbs with LED technology!

According to the manufacturer, Osram is the first supplier to offer the H7 LED bulb ("Osram Night Breaker LED") Supplies an approved lamp for retrofitting on an LED basis for the German market. A lot of value was placed on this approval and they worked towards it for years, but now motorists finally have the opportunity to convert their normal halogen lighting to LED inexpensively and without much effort and thus to be up to date with the latest technology - said Hans-Joachim Schwabe, for his part Head of Osram. The approval currently relates to the low beam of some common vehicle models in Germany. These include, for example, the BMW 2 Series, the Audi A3 as well as the Audi A4 and the Ford Mondeo, which are widespread in this country. More models are to follow in the future. According to Osram, the installation is quite simple and it can be carried out by a workshop, but also by yourself without any problems. The price per set is EUR 129,99 (as of October 2020).

How can I retrofit LED headlights?

Even if your car does not have H7 headlights or if there is no approval for the H7 LED bulb from Osram, it is usually still possible to convert your vehicle to modern LED lighting. Here, however, the complete headlight is rebuilt or replaced: The standard headlight is replaced by a part equipped with LED technology, provided that such a part is legally available. Furthermore, such a conversion should not be carried out yourself, but in this case the conversion should be left to a professional. In addition, only permitted conversions should be carried out. If the luminosity is higher than 2000 lumens, you must also have an automatic headlight range control and a mandatory Headlight washers can be built.

What does such a conversion cost?

Especially when compared to simple bulbs for retrofitting, the complete conversion is much more expensive. Depending on your vehicle and the selected manufacturer of the parts, costs of 1000 euros and more can be due here. Depending on whether you choose a cheap manufacturer, a brand manufacturer or original accessories, this can make a three-digit difference.

Illegal LED headlights

led lighting nissan gt r 1 Legal: Osram now offers H7 bulbs with LED technology!

Under no circumstances should you install illegal LED headlights that do not have a legal type approval and your vehicle's operating license will also expire. The so-called “cut-off thresholds” of the headlights could also no longer be correct after the conversion, which could cause you to dazzle other drivers. Therefore, you should inform yourself sufficiently before a conversion so that you do not face any unpleasant surprises.

Of course that had not happened yet!

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Dog Tracking Crab Walking Hummer e1602322924612 310x165 Legal: Osram now offers H7 bulbs with LED technology!

Retrofit automatically dimming rearview mirror + interior mirror!

electrochromatic mirror automatically dimming tuning e1602330351866 310x165 Legal: Osram now offers H7 bulbs with LED technology!

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