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[Display] Finding cheap, legal and safe parking is a challenge in many cities. The parking situation is often tense, especially in central locations. Parking pressure from residents, commuters and tourists makes it difficult to find a suitable spot. In this article, we present you with tips and tricks that will help you park better and find the perfect parking space. This helps to avoid unnecessary costs and stress.

A good parking space is like a new life

Almost every driver knows the problem: parking spaces are either too expensive, too small, too narrow, only allowed for certain groups of people or not available at all. In many inner-city locations it has become almost impossible to find a reasonably affordable parking space for your own vehicle. But it can also be difficult to park your car properly and safely in the vicinity of well-attended events, at the train station or at work. One could probably fill entire books on the subject of parking at the airport – or one could just happily cite oneself To seek advice.

15 centimeters more space

The parking problems faced by owners of large vehicles such as mobile homes, vans, buses and SUVs could solve themselves in the near future: In its recently published set of rules, the Research Society for Roads and Transport e. V. (FGSV) to increase the width of parking spaces to 2,65 meters. A width of 2,50 meters is currently planned.

The 8 ultimate tips for better parking

Take your parking skills to the next level with these tips.

  • 1. Power of Apps
    – Special websites and apps such as Parkopedia or ParkMe can be used to find cheap parking spaces nearby. This also helps to estimate the cost of an excursion in advance.
  • 2. A little outside
    – It can make sense to park in residential or industrial areas outside the city center. From there you can get to your destination, at least during the day, on foot or by public transport.
  • 3. Technology helps
    – When buying your next car, you should make sure that parking aids such as reversing cameras or parking sensors are available. This makes parking much more precise and safer, even in the smallest of spaces. Older models can often be fitted with this technology retrofit.
  • 4. The parking garage trick
    – You can regularly park in multi-storey car parks at shopping centers free of charge for a certain period of time if you have your parking card stamped there when shopping. This is possible even with the smallest amounts.
  • 5. Better safe than sorry
    – By using parking space reservation services, you can ensure in advance that you will definitely have a space when you arrive.
  • 6. Use free P&R spaces
    – Many cities and municipalities have set up free park-and-ride spaces for commuters in order to relieve traffic in inner cities. These are often located at S-Bahn or regional train stations. There you can park safely and continue with public transport.
  • 7. Car sharing
    – If you don’t necessarily have to drive your own car, you should consider using car sharing offers. In some cities, certain parking areas are even reserved for these cars.
  • 8. Use off-peak times
    – Many otherwise chargeable parking spaces are free in the evenings and on weekends. These gaps in parking space management must be exploited in a targeted manner.

Conclusion: tips for parking

Looking for a parking space is not necessarily suspected of being subject to an entertainment tax. Planning and flexibility are required here: Using our tips and tricks makes parking in the city much easier and less stressful. Your nerves and your wallet will thank you.

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