Parking a tuning vehicle correctly: this is how it works

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Anyone who owns a tuned vehicle knows that parking can sometimes be a real adventure. And of course, most of our loyal readers are tuning fans. Most of them will therefore also know the problem. Therefore, here is a small summary of what to consider when a tuning vehicle should be parked safely. If you don't want to leave your car in the standard condition, the basic idea is to make the vehicle more individual than it is. The goal of the tuner is normally to get a faster, nicer and, for him, better car. One or the other tuning measure, like a clear one Lowering, a fancy one wheelset with tire stretch or an expansive one bodykit however, can have a number of disadvantages. Anyone who drives a converted vehicle knows that parking can sometimes be a problem. There are various reasons why a tuned vehicle is not always easy to park.

Parking can become a problem with a tuning vehicle if the following has been done:

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There are many ways to customize a vehicle. There is a long list of feasible conversions. When it comes to parking, tuning measures such as the lowering already mentioned, special wheels or wider spoilers are the sticking point. potholes and speed bumps are always problematic for lowered vehicles. But also Parking garages harbor many danger points, such as the angle of the entrance. This can mean that if the rear axle is still on the driveway, the front axle may be hanging in the air and the rocker panel (underbody) of the vehicle is hanging. And if the parking space was reached anyway, further problems can arise, such as high ones curbs and the narrow driveway to the barrier, which often leads directly into a curve, is often included curbs discontinued. This is pure horror for the rims. It is also possible that the lower edge of the door is lower than the upper edge of the curb. This can make getting out more difficult or completely impossible.

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But production cars can also have particularly expensive aluminum rims that have a low Offset to have. If these are then perhaps front-polished and 23 inches in size, then such an aluminum wheel can also be used on a production vehicle 3.000 euros or more costs. Parking with a tuned vehicle, however, is usually a little more difficult than with a conventional car. The wheels of the tuning vehicle are often valuable and particularly complex rims that Low-profile tires are covered. And as already mentioned, many parking garages are unfortunately narrow and almost always equipped with a high edge attachment. For the owners of the car park, every centimeter means "money". That doesn't make it any easier to use with a tuning vehicle. There are rims with exchangeable Stainless steel outer bed or Collision protection, but they still offer very little protection and are far from being so widespread. So they only solve the problem to a limited extent!

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And an extremely popular trend is the one mentioned Widebody conversion. Here, too, the driver has to contend with problems. Driveways and entrances can sometimes become impassable with such a conversion. Often the parking spaces for such a vehicle viz too tightly planned. Even a standard one fits BMW X6, Listen Q8 or Mercedes GLE hardly in the gap, such monsters with a widebody kit are almost impossible to accommodate in a parking garage. And the users also have to pay special attention to various concrete posts. A widened wheelhouse can quickly get stuck on such posts. One tip: Next check the location in the car park before using it. And it is a particular problem if you want to fly on vacation. Because at the airport, the vehicle has to wait for its owner in the multi-storey car park.

If you want to park a tuned vehicle, you have to be careful!

A normal parking lot cannot be reached via a ramp like in a multi-storey car park, but the rest of the problems, like too tightly planned or diverse concrete post, are often present nonetheless. If you drive a tuned vehicle, you always have to be careful. And if you are visiting new cities, you should find out in advance about the parking options in the city centre, when the vehicle is tuned. Visits to inner cities are rather unsuitable with tuned vehicles, as there are simply no suitable parking spaces. Therefore, for the pilots of significantly modified vehicles, before setting off, it is not just a matter of considering where the tour is going, but also where the vehicle will be at its destination can be safely parked.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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  1. Good to know that there are also rims with special collision protection. My Golf has also been tuned and in the future I will be looking for a different car parking space than the one in front of my work. I think that a multi-storey car park is a safe option for me.

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