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Performance vehicle packages: more performance and looks ex works!

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Performance vehicle packages: more performance and looks ex works!

For years, premium manufacturers have been offering special performance vehicle packages that increase the performance and appearance of the vehicles. The M Drivers Package from BMW increases the top speed and includes driver training. Porsches Sport Chrono package improves vehicle dynamics while the S line sports package from Audi delivers visual and functional upgrades. Lexus' F Sport Package combines aggressive styling with improved driving dynamics. Cadillacs V-Series Performance Package and jaguars R-Dynamic Package deliver both performance improvements and visual improvements. Luxury and performance are at the forefront AMR Performance Pack from Aston Martin and the Mulliner Driving Specification of Bentley in the foreground. Alfa Romeo's Quadrifoglio package and Fords Performance Package round off the offering with Italian engineering and sporty design. The packages optimize the style and performance of the vehicles. More about this in the following post!

AMG Drivers Package from Mercedes

Performance vehicle packages: more performance and looks ex works!

The AMG Drivers Package from Mercedes is an option specially designed for users who would like to take their vehicles out on the race track. The package typically increases the electronically limited top speed and allows the AMG to reach its full potential. Typically the speed limit is up to 250 km/h 280 km/h or in some cases even higher (305 km/h). An important component of the package is a Driver training, which is often included in the purchase price. The training takes place on a race track and is led by professional instructors. It is intended to help drivers safely master the car's higher performance. In addition to the speed increase and driving training, the AMG Drivers Package often also includes special ones Suspension tuning and Brake components, which are tailored to the higher requirements at high speeds. The package is a popular choice for speed fans who want to get the most out of their AMG with a factory warranty.

M Drivers Package from BMW

Performance vehicle packages: more performance and looks ex works!

The M Drivers Package from BMW is a tailor-made option for drivers who want to get the most out of their M model. The package raises the electronic limit of the top speed, allowing the performance to be fully exploited. Typically the package increases the speed limit from 250 km/h to 305 km/h. A central component of the M Drivers Package is a professional one Driver training on a race track led by experienced instructors. The training aims to teach drivers how to safely handle the vehicle's increased power and speed. In addition to the speed increase and driver training, the package often also offers access to special ones M Performance Parts, which enhance the M both visually and technically. It is ideal for motorsport enthusiasts who want to take their driving experience to the next level.

Porsche Sport Chrono Package

Performance vehicle packages: more performance and looks ex works!

The Porsche Sport Chrono Package is a popular add-on for Porsche vehicles that optimizes the driving experience through advanced features and performance enhancements. The core of the package is a switchable Sport Plus mode, which improves the response time of the engine and transmission, resulting in better acceleration and more agile handling. A central visual component is the Analog-digital stopwatch on the dashboard, which underlines the sporty look. The package also includes one dynamic engine mounting, which improves the balance between comfort and driving stability. It also brings an improved Launch Control for maximum acceleration from a standstill. This is particularly cool Lap trigger function, which enables precise time measurement. The Sport Chrono Package is therefore an extension for Porsche drivers who value sporting performance and precision.

Audi dynamic packages

Performance vehicle packages: more performance and looks ex works!

The Audi dynamic packages (Performance vehicle packages) are special equipment options that aim to improve the driving performance and handling of Audi RS vehicles. The packages usually contain Sporty suspension components, such as adaptive damping systems that enable a more dynamic ride while maintaining a high level of comfort. This is an important addition to many dynamic packages Audi sport differential, which optimizes the power distribution of the rear wheels and thus ensures increased traction and cornering agility. Additionally, features such as bigger brakes and steering-related systems to increase precision and response. In some cases, the dynamic packages also offer visual upgrades, such as exclusive rim designs or special exterior elements that underline the sporty appearance of the vehicle. Also the V-Max. often on 305 or at least 280 km/h raised. Overall, the Audi dynamic packages are aimed at drivers who are looking for a balance between everyday usability and sporty performance.

Lexus Sport Packages

Performance vehicle packages: more performance and looks ex works!

The Lexus Sports packages offer an upgrade for various Lexus models that emphasize both the appearance and driving dynamics. The packages typically include sporty design elements such as aerodynamic improvements to the body, distinctive front and rear bumpers and special rim designs for a more aggressive and dynamic appearance. Lift inside Sports Seats, often with leather upholstery and special stitching, as well as a sporty steering wheel and pedals bring out the atmosphere. Technically, the Sport Packages often offer a adapted chassis with tighter tuning for improved handling characteristics and a more direct driving experience. Some variants also contain performance-enhancing components such as optimized engine tuning or an improved braking system. Lexus successfully combines sportiness with luxury with the packages, which increases the appeal of the vehicles for those who love both performance and comfort.

Cadillac Performance Packages

Performance vehicle packages: more performance and looks ex works!

The Cadillac Performance Packages are designed to enhance the performance and driving experience of certain Cadillac models (V-Series). The packages integrate frequently high-performance braking systems, which enable improved braking performance for an agile and safe ride. Another central component is often a sporty tuned suspension, which optimizes road holding and enables a more dynamic driving experience. In many cases the packages also include more powerful engines with increased horsepower and torque to increase overall performance. Visual accents like special wheels, aerodynamic exterior elements and exclusive interior features emphasize the sporty flair. With the Performance Packages, Cadillac combines performance and luxury, making the vehicles attractive if you are looking for an upscale driving experience with a touch of sportiness.

Jaguar R Dynamic Package

Performance vehicle packages: more performance and looks ex works!

The Jaguar R Dynamic Package is a special equipment option that aims to improve both the external appearance and the driving experience. The package typically includes optical upgrades such as special bumpers, side skirts and characteristic R-Dynamic exterior elements that give the “Jag” a more distinctive and sporty look. Caring for the interior R-Dynamic emblems, Sports Seats and special decorative elements for an exclusive ambience. Technically, the R-Dynamic Package often delivers improved chassis components for more agile and dynamic handling, which increases driving pleasure. Some variants may also have performance optimized elements such as modified engines and expanded braking systems feature. The R-Dynamic Package skillfully combines Jaguar's elegant design with sporty accents and performance enhancements, making it a popular choice for drivers who value style and performance.

Aston Martin AMR Performance Pack

Performance vehicle packages: more performance and looks ex works!

The Aston Martin AMR Performance Pack (Performance Vehicle Package) is an exclusive upgrade option designed specifically for Aston Martin's most powerful models. The package aims to optimize track capabilities without compromising luxury and comfort. A key component of the pack is the Engine performance increase, which provides a noticeable increase in horsepower and torque. In addition, the driving experience is enhanced by a sporty tuned suspension and improved aerodynamics increased, which enable greater stability and more precise handling. The AMR Performance Pack is visually impressive exclusive design elements and Lightweight wheels special accents. Interior upgrades such as AMR-specific equipment details complete the package. The Performance Pack is ideal for Aston Martin owners who are looking for the ultimate driving experience and value exclusive design and first-class workmanship.

Bentley Mulliner Driving Specification

Performance vehicle packages: more performance and looks ex works!

The Bentley Mulliner Driving Specification is an option for Bentley owners who want to customize their car with more luxury and exclusive design elements. The package includes primarily handmade details and high-quality materials that further enhance the already luxurious character of a Bentley. Features include special light alloy wheels, which not only impress visually, but also improve driving dynamics. The interior features the Mulliner Driving Specification finest leather seats with custom stitching and patterns designed exclusively for the package. This is all complemented by handmade wooden ornaments and customized Deep pile overmats, which underline the luxurious ambience. The Specification is ideal for those who drive a Bentley and want a personal touch with exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio Package

Performance vehicle packages: more performance and looks ex works!

The Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio Package represents a combination of performance and Italian design that underlines the sporty DNA of the brand. The package, available on models such as the Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio, includes a range of high-performance components and visual accents. A central element is the powerful 2,9-liter V6 bi-turbo, which offers an output of well over 500 hp and ensures breathtaking driving experiences. Externally the package is striking Quadrifoglio emblems, specific Alloy wheels and an aggressive one aerodynamics highlighted. Add to the interior Sports Seats, often in high-quality leather or Alcantara, and special Quadrifoglio insignia the sporty flair. In addition, the package optimizes the chassis, resulting in improved handling and driving dynamics. The Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio Package is the perfect choice for people who value performance and Italian design.

Ford Performance Package

The Ford Performance Package is a specially developed equipment option for Ford vehicles that aims to improve performance as well as external appearance. The package usually includes performance-enhancing components like optimized Engine tuning, which increase performance and responsiveness. Another addition is the high-performance braking systems, which ensure improved braking performance and therefore greater safety at higher speeds. Visually the package is complete special rims and aerodynamic elements such as front splitter and rear spoiler, which give the vehicle a sportier look. Many Ford Performance packages include various interior options Sports Seats and special Design accents, which underline the sporty ambience. The Ford Performance Package is suitable for owners who want to upgrade their vehicles visually and in terms of performance.

Performance vehicle packages: more performance and looks ex works!

other performance vehicle packages:

  1. Chevrolet Performance Package: Available for models such as Corvette and Camaro, focused on increasing performance and improving driving dynamics.
  2. Nissan NISMO package: Offers sporty upgrades to models like the GT-R and 370Z, including aerodynamic improvements and performance upgrades.
  3. Honda Type R package: Specifically for the Civic Type R, with improvements in aerodynamics, handling and engine performance.
  4. Mazda MX-5 Miata Club Package: A package that improves the handling and appearance of the MX-5, with elements such as sports suspension and aerodynamic improvements.
  5. Subaru STI Performance Package: For models such as the WRX STI, with improvements to the engine, chassis and aerodynamic components.
  6. Hyundai N Performance Package: Available on models such as the i30 N and Veloster N, with a focus on chassis, engine performance and sporty styling.
  7. Kia GT Performance Package: For models like the Stinger GT, with upgrades to engine performance, brakes and suspension tuning.
  8. Volvo Polestar Engineered Package: Improves the performance of selected Volvo models by optimizing the engine, chassis and brakes.
  9. Tesla Performance Upgrade Package: For models like the Model 3, with improvements in acceleration, handling and braking performance.
  10. Mitsubishi Ralliart Package: Focus on improved driving performance and sporty styling for models like the Lancer.
  11. Volkswagen R-Line Package: Offers sporty design and performance upgrades for various VW models, including Golf and Passat.
  12. Dodge SRT package: For models like Charger and Challenger, with a focus on high-performance engines and track-ready upgrades.
  13. Jeep Trailhawk Package: Designed for improved off-road capabilities on Jeep models such as the Cherokee and Grand Cherokee.
  14. Mini John Cooper Works Package: Increases performance and drivability in various mini models.
  15. Lamborghini Ad Personam Program: Enables comprehensive customization and performance upgrades for Lamborghini models.
  16. Ferrari Tailor Made program: Offers customization options for performance and design on Ferrari vehicles.
  17. McLaren MSO (McLaren Special Operations): Tailored performance and design upgrades specifically for McLaren vehicles.
  18. Aston Martin Q by Aston Martin: A personalization program that offers tailored design and performance options for Aston Martin vehicles.
  19. Renault Sport Package: Offered for models such as the Renault Clio and Mégane, focused on increasing sporty performance and handling.
  20. Peugeot GTi package: For models such as the Peugeot 208 and 308, with an emphasis on sporty performance and design.
  21. Skoda RS package: Available for models such as Octavia and Kodiaq, with improvements in performance and sporty design.
  22. Fiat Abarth tuning: For Fiat 500 and other models, focuses on performance enhancement and sporty aesthetics.
  23. Toyota TRD package: Toyota Racing Development offers special performance upgrades for various Toyota models.
  24. Nissan Z Performance Package: Specifically for the Z model, with a focus on improved driving dynamics and performance.
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Performance vehicle packages: more performance and looks ex works!

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Performance vehicle packages: more performance and looks ex works!
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