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Racing gasoline - what's the point, when to use it, the costs?

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BILSTEIN Supra test stand 2 racing gasoline what are the benefits, when to use, the costs?

The solution for maximum power and maximum performance is called Racing gasoline. As a rule, however, this is not “gas station petrol”, but rather different fuels for tough racing use in the form of racing gasoline, racing methanol, nitromethane, etc. But the fuel at the gas station also differs enormously in some cases. Is a vehicle for example increased performance by means of chip tuning and Co.so it is definitely recommended only Super Plus or even premium fuels like Aral Ultimate or Shell V-Power to refuel. The tuner's new engine software is usually matched to the higher octane number of premium fuel and only then comes into its own. For the road operation of a performance-enhanced vehicle, the premium fuel officially available at the filling stations is in any case sufficient. If even more octane is desired, then it is usually a Competition vehicle. Then the issue of racing fuel comes up.

Racing fuel and tuning?

A high-octane fuel as a tuning component is partly decisive for full performance like a sharp camshaft or slipper piston. A racing car is basically just a collection of high-quality components. But if you want to control the winning vehicle, you not only need the best components - you also need a good one Racing fuel. In other words, a fuel that was specially developed to optimize performance. And there are plenty of them. We explain the most important properties!

Aral ultimate 102 fuel racing gasoline what is the benefit, when is it used, the costs?

1. The octane number

The octane number indicates how high the knock resistance of the fuel is. But this is still No statement to determine what performance is feasible with the fuel. For this, the octane number indicates with what security a power can be generated, ie it expresses a kind of reliability and purity of the fuel. Ie the fuel is well suited for high performance or not. The higher the octane number, the purer the fuel and the more it is gentler on the engine of the vehicle.

Gas pump gasoline types tuningblog.eu racing gasoline what's the point, when to use it, the costs?

The octane number can be specified in different ways. Either as "Research octane number", RON for short, as"Motor octane number"(MOZ) or as"Dispensers octane number"(R + M / 2). The pump octane number is usually attached as a sticker directly above the fuel nozzle at the gas station and is therefore legible for everyone. This is the Average from MOZ and RON. That is why it is also the most sensible guide value mandatory specify.

Derivation of the octane number

Octane numbers are recorded in simulation environments. Good vendors of racing gasoline refer solely to the MOZ numbers. RON and R + M / 2 are easy to determine values ​​and usually higher than MON. They are often given by various manufacturers due to the higher values ​​to lure buyers. The knock resistance is not only depends on the octane number.

2. Burn rate

This is the time it takes for the burned fuel to release the energy it contains and convert it into mechanical energy. One component of this is the time it takes for the fuel to evaporate, which largely depends on the evaporation properties of the respective fuel. Especially when high speeds are reached, the fuel needs to be in the engine can be burned quicklyto maintain the speed. The maximum value of the combustion pressure should therefore already be at 20 degrees after TDC can be achieved. If the combustion has not yet been completed up to this temperature, the energy that is released afterwards is no longer usable and goes unused verloren.

High performance engine oil High-performance oil Tuning racing gasoline what are the benefits, when do they use it, the costs?

Racing gasoline is deliberately developed in such a way that it achieves a high degree of efficiency even at low temperatures, so that it can burn significantly better than comparable "normal“Fuels. This is due to the targeted fuel development with the aim of improving the evaporation properties to an optimum. The fuels have been developed with a view to optimal evaporation properties, and most of them burn significantly better, whether with or without oxygen. Tip: It always applies, you should only use the octane number should not take as a factor.

The better the intake mixture of ambient air and fuel is cooled, the higher the combustion pressure and thus the performance. That depends on the one hand on the engine, but also on the quality of the fuel. In the simulation, the “effective” octane number of a good racing fuel is even higher than the number determined in the laboratory, which prevents knocking in the engine even better.

3. Energy content

The energy that can be released when the fuel burns is the potential or the energy content of the fuel. The energy content is measured in BTU (British calories) per unit of weight and not in unit of volume. Of course, racing fuels have one thing in common higher energy content than normal fuels. This enables better and higher performance to be achieved.

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4. Cooling effect

The cooling effect of the fuel depends on the heat of vaporization. The higher This is, the better the fuel is able to absorb the air-gasoline mixture to cool. Especially with four-stroke engines, an increased cooling effect can be too small Performance benefits lead and with two-stroke engines the effect is even more noticeable and also measurable. When racing on circuits, the performance can be maintained longer with racing fuels than with normal fuels, since the heat of vaporization is higher. The external conditions do not have too much of an influence. Incidentally, the improved cooling effect also protects the engine and extends its possible service life.

Perfectly matched racing fuel depends on:

  • Suction or supercharged engine (turbo or compressor)
  • Nitrous oxide injection?
  • Engine compression ratio?
  • Lambda probe or catalytic converter?
  • Area of ​​application (racetrack, street, etc.)

At the end... All factors are closely related and can therefore only be finally assessed in their entirety. Therefore, the overall picture must be used to decide which fuel is the right one for the intended use. It is also important to note which Engine type you use which Performance data are to be found and in which Class and the characteristics with which any races are run. In any case, a high knock resistance can only be determined by the octane number nicht richtig.

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